Walt Disney Dedicates Snow White Wishing Well and Grotto

On April 9, 1961, Walt Disney dedicated the Snow White Wishing Well and Grotto in Disneyland. The area is adjacent to Sleeping Beauty Castle.


“Here at Disneyland, where we have visitors from all over the world, this Disneyland-Variety Clubs International Wishing Well is dedicated to youngsters everywhere. When you throw your coins into this wishing well, just remember that wishes made here at this well will really come true… for the children of the world.” -Walt Disney

The idea for the grotto came from a slight dilemma: Disney had received marble figures of the characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but the statues were all of the same size. Designer John Hench came up with a smart solution of proportions, using the illusion of height and distance by placing Snow White at the top of the scene, having her stand over the other characters. When the scene is viewed from the footbridge, Snow White appears to be perfectly in proportion with the dwarfs.


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