I saw this story on the Official Star Wars blog and wanted to report it to all the TMSM fans.  Brian Young, one of the authors at the Official Star Wars blog got to sit down with Wil and talk about board games.  In addition, Brian is a filmmaker, journalist, and the editor in chief of Big Shiny Robot! He’s also the co-host of the Star Wars podcast, Full of Sith.

A lot of people probably know Wil Wheaton from his guest spots on The Big Bang Theory.  I have to admit, some of the earlier episodes where Wil is Sheldon nemesis, are great.  There often has been talk on Big Bang about Wil’s character, Wesley Crusher, from Star Trek: The Next Generation, but he’s also a big Star Wars fan.  Wil was also in the Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color show in 1987, playing a young Harry Houdini.  Here is the article and part of the interview:


Last year, Wil Wheaton started a little thing called “International TableTop Day.” It’s his goal that we all play more board games and it’s an ideal many of us in the world of Star Wars fandom share. And even though Wheaton is inherently linked to his role on Star Trek, we know he’s really a Star Wars guy at heart. (He even talked to us about it last year.)

With “TableTop Day” coming back this week for 2014, I got a chance to talk to Wheaton about what Star Wars board games he’d recommend we check out. And maybe I had a recommendation for him, too.

Wil Wheaton: “The Star Wars: X-wing Miniatures game is great! We played that last season on TableTop with Seth Green and Clare Grant and it is a terrific introduction to tabletop mini games. When I think of a minis game, I think of something like Battlelore or Warhammer or Ogre, and those are all fairly complicated games. Star Wars: X-wing is so easy to learn, so easy to play, and so much fun that just about anyone who is interested in playing one of those games can sit down and be playing in a really short amount of time. It also helps that we have an episode of TableTop for people to watch if they want to see how that game works, right?

Bryan Young: Indeed!

Wil Wheaton: I absolutely love that. I haven’t played any of the Star Wars universe card games or RPGs, but my friends who have absolutely love them.

Bryan Young: Out of curiosity, have you played Star Wars: Epic Duels? It’s great, but it’s out of print.

WW: You know, I haven’t, but you know what’s funny is that Kunal Nayyar, who plays Raj on The Big Bang Theory — the first time I was on The Big Bang Theory we went to the table read and Kunal said to me, “I hear that you’re a gamer,” and I said “Yeah,” and he said, “Did you ever play this Star Wars: Epic Duels game? I played the hell out of that in college!” I had never heard of it, I had never played it. Every time I see him he’s like, “When are we getting together to play this game?” Which I think sort of supports my central point that gaming is something that really stays with you and is really valuable and really meaningful; and you asked me why it’s almost like sharing a religion or something like that with people, and that’s a really good example of it because you play something and it’s important to you and it’s meaningful and memorable and you want to share just how great that makes you feel with other people.


epic-duels-300x200Bryan Young: Absolutely. I would recommend it, if you can. It’s such a classic game. It’s miniatures combat using individualized decks of cards and it’s a lot of fun and it’s just a little hard to get ahold of, I guess. You should take him up on that offer of playing it.

Many of the games made in the Star Wars franchise are great, and just about all of them are worth it to play if you carve out some time on April 5 for “TableTop Day.” Except for that original Death Star Escape game from 1977. That one is pretty much the least fun game I’ve ever played.

If you want to listen to this bit of the interview with Will Wheaton, you can do so on the latest episode of Full of Sith.

Be sure to check out Will’s site in regards to http://www.tabletopday.com/.  You can also follow Wil on twitter @wilw

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