Frozen, Tangled and The Little Mermaid Tied Together

First I will say, if you haven’t seen Frozen yet I will warn you that there is a spoiler in this article.  There are lots of stories floating around about the possibility of Frozen, Tangled and The Little Mermaid being all tied together.  Well we know that Frozen and Tangled are tied together because of one quick clip in Frozen.

Looks like Flynn and Rapunzel are attending Elsa's Coronation
Looks like Flynn/Eugene and Rapunzel are attending Elsa’s Coronation

We see Rapunzel and Flynn/Eugene attending the coronation ceremony above.  Therefore, this shows that the films would be in the same universe/time frame.  Disney is known for inserting “Easter Eggs” into their films and without a doubt this would be another one.

Now we know that the animators would have had to put Flynn/Eugene and Rapunzel there on purpose.  You maybe sitting there asking why they would do that.  Well, it could be for us fans to have something to speculate about.  Let’s look at geographical locations.  Frozen is set in Norway, the Ice Princess has a Scandinavian setting of original fable.  Rapunzel is a German fairy tale, which makes sense it would be set in Germany.  To have them attend the coronation is completely possible as royalty would attend other royalty events.

Movie-goers know that The Little Mermaid is set in Denmark, or near Denmark I should say.  Here is where the linking comes together.  Look at this map of Norway, Denmark and Germany and their location to one another.

Frozen Tangle and Little Mermaid Map

Next, in the movie Frozen, and here is the spoiler I mentioned above, Anna and Elsa’s parents were setting sail to go somewhere when their ship sank and they passed away.  So where could they have been going?  In Frozen, the sailing that Anna and Elsa’s parents takes place about 3 years before the coronation.  Well according to the calendar, 3 years ago was roughly the release of Tangled.  Could they have been going to the marriage of Flynn/Eugene and Rapunzel?  Like Flynn/Eugene and Rapunzel going to the coronation, it’s very possible for Anna and Elsa’s parents were attending the wedding of another royal family.

So while sailing to Germany, if the theory is correct, Anna and Elsa’s parents ship would sit somewhere in the North Sea possibly near Denmark.  Remember in The Little Mermaid, we see Ariel and Flounder exploring a shipwreck for dinglehoppers and thingamabobs?

Little Mermaid Sukken Ship

Could this shipwreck be the ship that was carrying Anna and Elsa’s parents?  Seems possible to me, what’s your opinion?


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