This Week in Disney History: ‘Love Bug’ Day at Disneyland Park, 1969

This Week in Disney History: ‘Love Bug’ Day at Disneyland Park, 1969 1

I saw this on the Disney Parks blog by Erin Glover, and wanted to share it with all.  I remember watching The Love Bug as a kid and asking my dad at the time if , we could paint his Beetle (it was navy blue) white and put the the red, white and blue stripe down the middle with the number 53.  My dad never painted his Beetle to match The Love Bug, but it’s one of those memories I have.

Forty-five years ago this week, 101 decorated Volkswagen Beetles made their way down Main Street, U.S.A., in Disneyland park to celebrate the release of the film, The Love Bug, the story of the 1963 racing Beetle (and one of my favorite movies). On March 23, 1969, Beetle owners gathered at Disneyland to show off their decorated bugs and parade them through the park.


The cars were judged in the categories of most psychedelic, toylike, comical and best personality. Morton and Barbara Allen of Studio City, Calif., won the grand prize – a brand-new 1969 Volkswagen Beetle, presented by The Love Bug stars Dean Jones and Michele Lee. Other prizes represented the pinnacles of 1969 technology: portable color televisions, Kodak Super-8 movie cameras and projectors, and new Polaroid cameras.

I was so inspired by this nugget of Disneyland history that I even created a costume for my own 1968 Volkswagen Beetle. Check her out!

HERF151515-613x444Which category do you think she would have won? And can anyone guess what name I call her by?


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