Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired TeeFury Shirts

Yesterday, we gave you a sneak peek of the two new “Nightmare Before Christmas” inspired shirts available beginning today from Make sure to get over there and purchase your favorite design, or both if you can’t choose.  Here they are again:

Halloween Road vs Oogie Boogie

Halloween Road

Halloween Road by Tony CentenoOogie Boogie

Oogie Boogie Loops by NikHolmes
Now if you have never bought from TeeFury before, you need to know something.  TeeFury brings new limited edition designs every 24 hours for only $11.  In this type of case, they put two designs with a similar theme, in this case Frozen, head to head to see what design sells more in the 24 hour period.  It’s their own little battle and fun to see who wins at the end of the day.  Keep in mind that at the end of the 24 hours the designs are no longer available.
After the initial sale, the t-shirts are moved into the Gallery, where you can vote to bring your favorite designs back from the dead. There is never a guarantee that the one you like will be back.  There are so many in the Gallery I would love to have, but unfortunately for me they are not available.  Make sure you get the one you want now and tell all your friends because these shirts are really “limited editions”.  Good luck to both designs!!!
As a special treat for Main Street Mousers, TeeFury is actually letting us show a preview for tomorrow Wednesday, 3/19/14 also.  There is 2 new Frozen inspired shirts mashed up with Dr. Who.  These shirts won’t be available till Wednesday, but I wanted to give you a preview of the images that will battle to sell more.
Frozen and Dr Who
Frozen in Time and Space
Frozen in Time and Space by Karen Hallion
Come Out and Play
Come Out and Play by Karen Hallion
As a special treat, customers can also add a $4.99 sticker pack from Karen Hallion at checkout!  Karen’s work is primarily Disney-themed. Here is her website if you want to see more of her art:

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