Star Wars Inspired Tee Fury Shirts – Only Available Today!!!

If you remember, last week we showed you 2 shirts that were Frozen inspired and sold at  This week they have 2 more shirts battling to win and be the top selling shirt.  Both shirts are Star Wars inspired.  The first features a couple of the well known Looney Tunes characters.  I think the art of this one is good, i’m just not a big fan of Looney Tunes.  The other features Yoda in a shirt pocket.  How awesome would it be to have Yoda in your pocket?

These shirts are only available for another 12 hours or so, so be sure to check them out at and order the one you like before time expires.  Click HERE to purchase them now.

tee fury sw

Pork Wars

Pork Season!

Pocket Yoda

Pocket Jedi


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