Ice Station Cool By Corey Tucker

March 6, 2014


There are many eateries that I consider “must do’s” when I head south to visit the world. Among them are the Earl of Sandwich, a Nutella and fruit waffle sandwich from Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, a dole whip at Aloha Isle, Tonga Toast at the Polynesian. But there is one that I enjoy going to and is pretty much free. That’s Club Cool at EPCOT Future World.

Ice Station Cool opened in June of 1998 and was sponsored by Coca-Cola. It was located in the same spot as Club Cool outside of Innoventions. The entry way made to resemble a polar expedition with a big snowmobile outside the entryway. Once inside the exhibit you were greeted with a sign welcoming you to Ice Station Cool. It read:

This is a recreation of the most recent Refreshus Maximus expedition site where we made one of our “coolest” discoveries yet. You’ll discover him just around the corner.

Further ahead, you can also discover some of the exciting flavors Coca-Cola Coolologists have brought back from around the world. Join other Coolologists and explore refreshment culture old and new.

You would then come up upon “Refreshus Maximus” which was a man stuck in the ice reaching for a bottle of Coke. Below him a sign read:

This early human ancestor frozen in his hunt for refreshment was discovered in the sub-arctic. The Coca-Cola coolologists named him “Thirst Man” for obvious reasons. The object found frozen just beyond his grasp leads us to ask: What came first: Man or refreshment?

After departing from the frozen man who only wanted his bottle of Coke you would come into a large room with drink machines and loads of Coca-Cola merchandise. On the wall was a globe showing where Coke products could be found. On the ceiling were flags of several different nations of the drinks that were represented in Ice Station Cool.

Ice Station Cool was closed on June 6, 2005 and re-opened in November of 2005 as Club Cool, which is what we have today.

The flavors represented are:

China – Smart Watermelon

Israel – Kinley Lemon

Thailand – Lynchee Mello

Japan – Vegitabeta

Costa Rica – Fanta Kolita

Germany – Mezzo Mix

Italy – Beverly

Mozambique – Krest Ginger Ale

So tell us in the comments, which is your favorite drink? Mine is Vegitabeta from Japan.

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