Watching People Check In…. When You’re Checking Out….

March 6, 2014


You’ve been waiting and waiting for your Disney Trip to arrive, and the wait seems like forever. Finally, you see the Walt Disney World road signs, and you’re “home” again. You pull up to your resort of choice, unload the luggage, and head for the lobby. It’s time to check in and start your adventure. The Cast Member at the front desk greets you with a friendly welcome, and gives you packets of information and schedules to help you navigate through your week. Maybe you’ll even get a button or two! Onward to the room to check things out, look around, start unloading the suitcases and unpacking the necessities, maybe put on the “must-do” list on your tv. It’s exciting, it’s fun, it’s go-time!

So, you spend your week, going to the Parks, eating lots of great food, going on your favorite rides and seeing your most beloved attractions. It’s been a great week, but, my gosh, it’s almost over already. Like I’ve previously said, Disney Vacations are something to be savored. It’s good to relish in the moment, be in the here and now, no matter where you are on your vacation. Take it all in, because the time goes by so fast. With that in mind, the fun has come to an end, and it’s time to head out. You have to pack those suitcases, grab all the Mickey soaps and shampoos that you can fit into your cosmetic bag, and get ready to go. As you walk the bags down to the car or bus, whichever, you look over and see them. There they are, another family who is in the same position you were in a week ago. The family gets out of the car full of Disney joy, pulls out those suitcases and excitedly start heading for the lobby. You know all the fun and happiness that they’re in for, and you feel a bit envious. I know I do. Every single time I’m leaving a Disney Vacation, I always happen to see another group of people who are just arriving. I stop and think back to how excited we all were, just a few days prior, checking in and getting ready for a great time. It always makes me feel a little sad, happy for those new people, but sad for us that it’s time to go back to reality.

It’s like the Disney Vacationer’s “circle of life” if you will. Guests come and go, and we all have our time to be on Disney Property and enjoy ourselves to the fullest. When our time is up, then a new group comes in and enjoys all the same things that made us so happy. Don’t you wish your time could last longer, or maybe wouldn’t go by so fast? I know I do. Honestly, sometimes I find it hard to believe how quickly our Disney trips go by. We wait so long for them to get here, and in a blink of an eye, they’re over. We go to Disney, have a fabulous time, and try to make the most of the time we have. I suggest the next time you visit a Disney Park, do the same. Really take it all in, and make the most of your time, this way you won’t have any regrets when you see that new family checking in, while you’re checking out!

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