New Mondo Disney Posters for “Nothing’s Impossible”

This is from the Disney Insider blog.

We can’t believe it, but our South By Southwest gallery show with Mondo is almost here! We’ll be releasing new poster images each day leading up to the gallery opening this Friday. Keep checking back for updates!

Which poster are you most excited for?


WALL•E by Kevin Tong

New-Mondo-Disney-Posters-for-Nothings-Impossible-Kevin-Tong-UpUp by Kevin Tong

New-Mondo-Disney-Posters-for-Nothings-Impossible-David-Petersen-The-RescuersThe Rescuers by David Petersen

The “Nothing’s Impossible” show will be at the Mondo Gallery during the South by Southwest Film Festival from March 7 – March 11.

About Mondo

Mondo creates limited edition screen printed posters for our favorite classic and contemporary films, in addition to vinyl movie soundtracks, VHS re-issues, and apparel. We also have a permanent gallery space in Austin, TX featuring a mix of original artwork and limited edition screen prints.


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