Thursday’s Random Acts of Kindness ~ Johnny Depp

February 20, 2014


As most of you know, we try to take time each Thursday to recognize Random Acts of Kindness with a Disney spin to them. This week, I had remembered a blog we did last summer, regarding how Johnny Depp “travels” with Captain Jack.

When Johnny Depp was making the rounds promoting The Lone Ranger, he explained in an interview why when he travels, he always takes his Captain Jack Sparrow costume with him.

“Sometimes you go to kiddie hospitals and things like that,” the actor explained. “I’ll just sneak in and go and surprise a bunch of kiddies through the different wards…It basically turns into a two-, three-hour improvisation and it’s really fun. So I travel with Captain Jack.”  How awesome is that??  What a guy!

I think that’s a wonderful way to pay it forward, and an extraordinary act of kindness. Can you imagine what it must be like for those children to get a hospital visit from Captain Jack Sparrow himself? What a beautiful thing to do.

In everyday life, we get busy and distracted, and sometimes going the extra mile for others gets pushed aside. Stories like this, and other ones that we’ve done on Thursdays, are an excellent reminder for me. It only take a few minutes to make someone’s day!

If you have a Disney Random Act of Kindness that you’d like to share, please do so at [email protected]. I’d love to hear your story! Thank you! ~M

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One thought on “Thursday’s Random Acts of Kindness ~ Johnny Depp”
  1. Oh my goodness, this is amazing. Its so wonderful to hear of celebrities taking time out of their busy schedules to do this for sick children in the hospital!! My faith in humanity has been restored. Most of us view celebrities as spoiled, self-centered, and “rolling in their riches” when this is clearly not the case for Johnny Depp. I knew I liked him for a reason. I’m so touched by this. I wish more celebrities were like this.

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