Disney Changes… Out with the Old?

February 19, 2014

As most of you know, the Walt Disney World Resort has been undergoing many changes, and there are still many changes to come. Now, some feel that change is good, and it’s progress, but others feel a little bit of nostalgia is being lost. Were the “old” attractions and such really bad enough to change or get rid of? I know for me, I’m a Disney creature of habit. I like to see the same things when I’m on my Disney vacation, I have rituals and orders in how I do things. With all the changes, it’s hard to do that now, and a new plan is needed. From the new FastPass+ system, to Camp Minnie Mickey being gone, there is a lot to adjust to. Change is good, progress is a must, but I feel that some classic Disney memories and fun are being lost in the shuffle. I’m looking forward to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and curious to see what they do with Downtown Disney, but I miss some of the “old”. Here are a few things that are gone or going, that I thought were worth a mention!

Mickey’s ToonTown


Mickey’s ToonTown Fair is a spot that I always looked forward to visiting. Going through Mickey’s house, and Minnie’s, was always so much fun. I enjoyed walking through that area, taking pics, going on Goofy’s Barnstormer, and looking at souvenirs. I wish they would find a spot for the houses at least, it was good nostalgic fun.

Snow White’s Scary Adventures


Snow White’s Scary Adventures was a classic attraction. Going through the story of Snow White, was like actually putting yourself into the book. Yes, there were “scary” parts, but it was a lot of fun, and was always on our must do list.



I can still hear the music of Spectromagic in my head. I truly loved this nighttime parade. The lights were wonderful, the soundtrack was even better, and I was very sad when I learned that it was gone. I still hold out hope that someday they can build it up again, but the old floats were ruined, so they’d have to start from scratch. Spectromagic will always be missed in my opinion, it was awesome.

Camp Minnie Mickey


Camp Minnie Mickey at Animal Kingdom was one of my favorite spots to meet up with Disney Characters. The lines were never too long, and it was a great spot for photo opportunities. I also liked the theater where Festival of the Lion King was being performed. That is hands down my favorite show on Disney property. While Festival of the Lion King will be revived in a new location, Camp Minnie Mickey itself is gone, to make way for the new Avatar Land. Another one I’ll miss!

PUSH the talking trashcan


There was a lot of fan outrage when it came to PUSH the talking trashcan being let go from the Magic Kingdom. Fans tried a Save Push campaign, but in the end, PUSH was gone. I know for a lot of guests, PUSH was part of their experience at the MK, and are sad to see him go.

There are so many things that I wish were still there when it comes to Walt Disney World, and the above were just the tip of the iceberg. Heck, I still miss Pleasure Island! Changes are a part of growth, and I fully realize that. I just hope that the memories remain for years to come, even if the attractions are gone. What do you miss at WDW?

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4 thoughts on “Disney Changes… Out with the Old?”
  1. The attraction I am going to miss the most is ToonTown bacause it realy made you feel like you were in a cartoon city. It was too cute for words. So sad.

  2. I also miss Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride – I always enjoyed it. Even though I’d been on it before and knew what was coming, it always surprised me! I don’t remember Mickey’s Toon Town, but I agree that losing Camp Minnie Mickey is unfortunate. My daughter had great “meetings” with Mickey Mouse, King Louie, and Baloo after relatively short waits.

  3. I really miss Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Thankfully last time we went to WDW they had old school tshirt a of the ride and I quickly bought one. So bummed it is not there anymore.

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