The Emotional Rollercoaster Courtesy of Disney Films!

February 16, 2014

Since the beginning of Disney’s first full animated film, Snow White, Disney movies have been an emotional rollercoaster for movie-goers. Disney has always tried to trigger our emotions, from happy to sad, good to evil, and life to death. Everything seemed to start of good, then had a major crisis, and then of course everyone lived happily ever after. It’s a pattern, but it works!

I think almost every Disney movie I have ever seen has made me cry, either out of happiness or sadness. Sometimes both. And it’s not just us girls who get weepy. When I took my family to see Tangled, I assumed I’d shed a tear or two, and I did. However, during the scene where Flynn/Eugene “dies”, I looked over and saw my son crying too. He never cries unless he gets hurt. That’s what Disney can do to us. They dig deep, cut right to our hearts, and make us feel emotions towards the characters.


Disney also teaches us about the casualties of life, and how fragile life is. Look at the history… there are deaths in many films that Disney has put out. Bambi, The Lion King, Up, etc. Again, these story lines trigger our emotions. Let’s take Up for example. The beginning of Up is really cute and upbeat. It made us smile. Shortly after the film began, Carl loses Ellie. I don’t know anyone who didn’t cry at this point of the movie. We felt bad for Carl, and wanted things to get better for him. That’s what I mean, Disney writes it’s stories so we began to care for these characters. It works. Very well if you ask me. Look at Dumbo…. does anyone NOT lose it during “Baby Mine?” Ugh… I can’t even watch it!

The best part of a Disney film is the happy ending. Granted, not every movie ends with sunshine and roses, but we don’t feel robbed when it’s over either. I can honestly say, that every time I’ve seen a Disney movie, I’ve left the theater with a smile on my face.

Disney also creates memories. We feel great while on a Disney vacation, memories are building left and right! Well, for me, Disney movies do that too. We all have memories from our childhood, and some include Disney movies. Do you remember the first Disney movie that you had ever seen? I remember mine, it was Lady and the Tramp. To this day, that movie still holds a special place in my heart.

I believe that Disney has a special gift, and that’s why the Magic can continue and grow stronger with time. Sometimes, in everyday life, we may hold back our emotions and feelings. It’s too much effort to deal with how we feel all the time. But, Disney taps into those feelings. Nine times out of ten, when the experience is over, it leaves us with good feelings. Disney Magic can make anyone cry…. but it’s a good thing.

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