To Dream It, or To Do It!

February 4, 2014


Like a lot of Disney fans, I’m always looking out for the latest deals. Granted, I can’t always afford said deals, but it’s fun to look. Do you ever find yourself going to the Walt Disney World website, plugging in dates and numbers, just to see what the figures would be? I do. I’m not sure why though, sometimes dreaming is just torture, because it’s hard to gather up the funds to make those Disney dreams come true. So, there comes a point when I have to ask myself, do I continue to “dream it” or do I just “do it?” The answer isn’t easy.

For my family, we usually travel to Disney every other year. I’m not really comfortable with flying, so we drive, and it takes roughly 18 hours from my driveway to the WDW Resort. It’s really not “that” bad of a drive, and it saves money, especially since airfare has gone up so much, and you have to pay for luggage and what not. I always take an extra bag for souvenirs, so driving works, I don’t want to pay to ship my Disney goodies home! So, that’s one way that I can cut costs.

Second on the list, would be searching, or waiting for Disney travel specials. For our family, we have previously gone during the Free Dining promotions. We had kept track of our meal receipts, and added up the costs at the end of the trip, and realized how much money Free Dining actually saved us. If we weren’t able to go during a dining promotion, we would just eat smaller meals, and probably not go to any of the more expensive places to eat. You do what you’ve gotta do, right? I guess it all depends on how bad you want to go, or when the best time would be. Timing is important too. We tend to go during the “off” seasons due to less crowds, usually in the late Summer. It’s hotter, but usually cheaper and there aren’t as many people. So after deciding to drive, go during the off season, take advantage of Free Dining, etc… what’s left? Money.

Now to come up with the money to go. What to do….. what to do? Do we use our rainy day funds? Yard sale? Sell stuff on Ebay? I’ve probably done all of the above, but there’s a struggle. My conscience gets the best of me, and I always second guess myself. Do I really “need” to spend the money on a vacation? Could that money be used towards something else? Well, of course there are more “responsible” places to use that money towards~ bills, home improvements, just the everyday cost of living. But what about building “memories” for your family? What about giving yourself a much deserved break from reality? It’s a hard one.

In the past couple of weeks, I have seen TMSM Members comment about this very subject, and to my surprise, a lot of people say the “memories” are worth spending money on. There’s a big movement about the whole “you only live once” philosophy. Some people feel that there will always be a debt to pay, or something to spend money on, so why not just take the leap and go? I completely understand their point, I just wish I could do it. We haven’t been to Disney in a while, and we’re way overdue. I really want to go. The kids really want to go. So, do we go? That’s the question, and it’s a hard one. I can’t say for sure what we will do. Life changes all the time, situations come and go, and some things can’t be planned out. I’m on the fence between responsibility and going to the one place I love. Everyone needs a break from the day to day grind every now and then. Disney provides that break. Reality doesn’t exist once our car drives onto the beautiful Disney property. I love that feeling. Breaks are good. In the meantime during my indecision, I’ll continue to watch for specials, maybe have a yard sale, and keep that Disney dream alive.

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2 thoughts on “To Dream It, or To Do It!”
  1. This problem has been on my mind for the last 2 years and 2 months, the last time I was in WDW. Our decision was touch and go because I am in college and not working. Our 3 cars needed repair last year and we have appliances that are on their last leg. SOOOOOOOOO the verdict, go ahead make a reservation for the summer and if no other big expenses come along we’ll go. I was ecstatic. I thought that meant we weren’t telling the kids. change that my husband told my son within the week and then I insisted we tell our daughter also. This of course means our trip is set in stone. We are going no matter what even if it means a visa!!!! Disney is our happy place and I think it is important to make sure there is a time for dreaming in every family’s life. Therefore I will be enjoying my favorite place with my favorite people. Nothing better to get therough the tough times like a Disney countdown.

  2. I divorced when my daughter was 4 and so was a single parent. When she was 6 we started going to WDW every year, even though family and friends said it was an irresponsible expense for a single parent. I looked at it as good health maintenance. The stress and worry of being a single parent, trying to keep bills paid on time and do the right thing for your child can really take a toll on your health. That stress harms your body, attitude, mood, and relationships. The week we spent in Disney just having fun and not worrying about anything rejuvenated us so we had the strength and positive mindset to get through whatever life through at us the rest of the year. Without Disney I probable would have been an emotional wreck and would not have been as good of a mother. My daughter now grown with her own family says she would not have traded those vacations for anything in the world. Due to extenuated life events the last now 4 years, we have not been back to WDW and we can tell it. We are stressed, depressed, and do not have the save positive hopeful attitude. We have decided that somehow we will find the money to return “home” in the next 12 months. We NEED Disney it’s not just a want.

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