Michele’s WDW Must Do List, Part 4

February 3, 2014


It’s Monday, and time for my next grouping of WDW “Must Do” activities! Being that I have so many things that I consider a must do while on Disney Property, I’ve broken them up into sections. I hope these suggestions help, and maybe bring back some memories if they are also on your own personal must do list! Here’s this weeks list!

Take a photo with Roy and Minnie, Magic Kingdom~
Sure, most people take a picture at the “Partners” statue with Walt and Mickey, which is wonderful, but don’t forget about Roy and Minnie! Roy Disney and Minnie Mouse are sitting pretty on a bench near the front of the Magic Kingdom Park. It’s much less crowded than the Partners area, so you can take your time and get some cute pics of the family! This is a newer tradition for us, but you can see our photo above in our new must do area!

Splash Mountain, Magic Kingdom~
Zippity Do Dah! On a hot day, one of my favorite places to cool off is at Splash Mountain. Take the plunge with Brer Rabbit and friends on this classic log ride. Not only do you get a little splash of water at the end, you get to be out of the sun and inside the cool mountain for a period of time. Splash Mountain is a nice break from being outside, and is full of nostalgic fun. It’s a must do!

The Electric Umbrella, Epcot~
One of our favorite walk up restaurants is the Electric Umbrella at Epcot. Here, you can take a break from the park, cool off, and have a decent burger and fries. Also, this walk up has free refills on drinks, so you can grab a Coke to go too, which is nice! Another favorite feature of The Electric Umbrella…. it’s right across the way from my favorite Epcot Store, MouseGear (see must-do article #3)!

World of Disney store, Downtown Disney Marketplace
World of Disney at Downtown Disney is a shoppers paradise! It’s the biggest store on Disney Property, and they have everything you can imagine. The store is sectioned off in categories, from toys, souvenirs, clothing, kitchen supplies, candy, jewelry, etc. It’s all in areas that are easy to find. World of Disney is usually my last stop on the day we leave our Disney vacation. I take one more walk through this gigantic store, for those last minute souvenirs and trinkets to take home. Love it!

Pizzafari, Animal Kingdom~
Pizzafari at Animal Kingdom is a walk up restaurant that my family just loves to visit. If you’re looking for something other than burgers and fries to have for lunch, this is a great alternative. Their personal pizzas are pretty good, and they have other choices as well that are decent. Not only is Pizzafari a place to cool off and eat, it’s very roomy too. The family can spread out and relax, take a break, and enjoy some good pizza!

Spaceship Earth, Epcot~
My younger son called the ride inside Spaceship Earth “the ball ride” for the longest time, but it’s one of his favorites. Maybe it’s because it’s dark and relaxing inside, or maybe he enjoys the history the attraction provides? Either way, Spaceship Earth is a classic attraction that is always on our must do list.

There you have it, this week’s group of my can’t miss attractions at Walt Disney World. As always, feel free to comment and add your own opinions! Check back next week for more must do suggestions, thanks for reading!

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