Watch a New Deleted Scene From Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World

January 29, 2014

Marvel has released a scene that was deleted from the final cut of Thor: The Dark World.  In this scene you see Thor and his mother, Frigga, discussing what to do with Loki.

In this scene we also find out just were Loki found his magical powers.  This gives a little insight into the bond that is shared with Loki and Frigga.  Even though all know Loki was adopted and a mischief maker, Frigga loves him as her son and doesn’t see any difference between Loki and Thor.  They are both her sons and treats them equally, the way it should be.

In Another scene from Thor: The Dark World. After Thor breaks Loki out of his cell, and the brothers are walking down the hallway, Loki keeps changing to other characters and changing Thor.  Fans will recall Chris Evans’ memorable cameo in the film, but before director Alan Taylor shot that scene Hiddleston donned Captain America’s costume and picked up his iconic shield to give his own take on the Sentinel of Liberty.

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