Merida’s Celtic Heart Necklace

January 27, 2014


If you’re looking for a fun Valentine craft to try, then Merida’s heart shaped Celtic necklaces just might be the right craft for you. You don’t need too many supplies, and you can make them in the color of your choice, here are the directions:

What you’ll need~

40-inch length of colored beading cord
Pair of crimp-style end clasp clips and O-rings
Necklace clasp

How to make it
Use pliers to attach the clasp clips to the beading cord ends. Add an O-ring to each clip. Then attach the clasp.

Step 2
To fashion the heart, fold the cord over itself to create a small loop about 14 inches from the left end. Feed the right end up through the loop, as shown.


Step 3
Loop the right end back around, threading it down into the upper loop and then up through the lower loop, as shown. At this point, the knot will essentially resemble a loop within a loop.


Step 4
Pass the same end you’ve been working with under the knot and up through the bottom portion of the center loop. Next, thread the end down through the center of the knot and back up through the top portion of the center loop.


Step 5
Turn the cord so that the loose ends are at the top. Now shape the knot into a more defined heart by gently pinching the bottom into a V and slightly separating the top halves.


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