Enter to win a $100 Gift Card

Enter to win a $100 Gift Card 1

With upcoming spring and summer vacations on the horizon, who couldn’t use an extra $100.00 to spend?


Well, here’s your chance to win some extra DISNEY cash from TMSM and our friends at Sunshine RewardsSunshine Rewards is a rewards site especially designed for Disney fans. They have members who have actually earned over $4000 in Disney cards since they started! You can earn rewards by taking surveys, shopping online, completing offers, and even listening to music. It’s fun and easy!

Ok, so back to winning the gift card! To enter, all you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form at the link below. The contest ends at midnight EST on February 3, 2014. I will pick one lucky winner and notify them through Email or Facebook that they won. You have 24 hours to respond or we will pick the runner up to actually receive the gift card! In addition to filling out the entry form, you can increase your chances of winning by doing the following:

Share this post using any of the buttons on the bottom of this page.

Tweet or Share this post as often as you like each share counts as bonus entries! You can share our site to your friends on Facebook, that counts!

In conclusion, any and all comments in TMSM’s Forums or on our Daily Articles on our site this week will count as a bonus entry so be sure to drop us a line here or on any other article we share this week!

The more participation you involve in, the better your chances are to WIN $100 to spend the Disney Way! Click the link below to get going and start your chances to win! Good Luck to you, and THANK YOU for being Fans of The Main Street Mouse!

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135 Responses to Enter to win a $100 Gift Card

  1. sarahinthesuburbs says:

    I would love to use this on our November trip!

  2. Disney Girl says:

    Would love to have $100 for my trip in Oct. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. piglet9981 says:

    This Gift Card would be a very Exciting addition to out Disney Vacation in May!
    The kids would be able to spend this to get so little souvenir’s for themselves!

  4. annmariecorsale says:

    my husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan, and if I won this, I would apply it toward our Walt Disney World vacation that we hope to take when he finally comes home! we both love Disney so much and winning this would make us so happy! 🙂

  5. Beth Green says:

    I would totally put this money towards my next WDW vacation with my boys!

  6. sugarfan33 says:

    Big family trip for 9 this year in Sept. this would really help out! My 2 grandsons are going for the first time!

  7. lupereir@gmail.com says:

    I bought my flight tickets to go to Orlando on October 2014. One week later I got fired from my job. I have faith that everything is going to be OK and I´m going to WDW, but not as comfortable as before. That $100 would help me a LOT.

  8. kyrie70 says:

    I’m wanting to save for my first trip to Disneyland…would be a great start! Been to WDW many, many times but never DL!!

  9. Danis0084 says:

    My husband and I are currently going down to Disney next week. We got some gift cards for Christmas for the trip. I would use for the dining plan. Because we aren’t just using it for a souvenirs but for the gratuity for the restaurants. We are excited to go down and eat the different restaurants at Walt Disney World.

  10. andrealacount says:

    I would love to win this gift card!! We are going on vacation to Disney World next month and it would be so helpful!!

  11. Verisi says:

    We’d totally use it for an epic dining experience

  12. dezarita says:

    Taking my son in October for the first time.. Can’t wait!!! Would use this for souvenirs!

  13. meld612 says:

    I would love to win this gift card! I would use it for a trip to DW to celebrate when I graduate with my AA this summer. I’ve been going to school and working full time while trying to squeeze in Disney trips as time allows 🙂

  14. barrymoss says:

    I’m going to WDW to celebrate my 50th birthday. It would be handy to have this to help pay for a special dinner at the California Grill. 🙂

  15. prgmoose says:

    Can use this for my trip in November.

  16. jinxiemae says:

    My family and I are taking our 4yr old for his first big Disney World trip March 30th, he is so excited to see “Mickey Mouse’s house” as he calls it that he asks if we are going today every morning so we would use it for special “1st visit” souvenirs for him Im sure!

  17. MarcR824 says:

    My girlfriend and I are taking our first vacation together and the extra money would be a great way to purchase some keepsakes

  18. lisabelle says:

    We have two epic Disney World trips this year and a $100 gift card would be awesome!

  19. fritsanpdx says:

    This would be an awesome prize!

  20. Susie1957 says:

    My plans are to take both my grand daughters to Disney World since I have never been able to do so and I have been saving for this trip for many years. I love Disney.

  21. richbasm says:

    We are saving for a trip to Disneyland next winter…haven’t been there in over 23 years!!

  22. DaphneAnn says:

    We would LOVE to win this! We are taking our first family vacation with our 3 kids (where we aren’t going to visit family) to DISNEY in March!!

  23. mariefw says:

    Awesome, would be great addition when I take my nephew to see Mickey we love him!!

  24. mamba_w says:

    I am going to see my Husband for the first time in 4 months, and this gift card would be an AMAZING addition to our Disney trip!

  25. beccariggsby says:

    My husband and I are going in September for our anniversary since we didn’t get to take much of a honeymoon. A little extra spending money would be great!

  26. frankicesca says:

    Oh gosh with $100 I’d probably get a little something for everyone, but something extra special for me!

  27. candiedisney says:

    I’m on my way to Walt Disney World in 23 days (but who’s counting, right? LOL) and I could find lots of ways to use this card if I win. Will it reach me in time if I do? Good luck to all who enter! My fingers and toes are double crossed (and it’s kind of uncomfortable). 🙂

  28. ackappatos says:

    i would by new disney pajamas

  29. JDeane says:

    I would use the gift card this summer with my family!

  30. debbi50 says:

    I will save the card for our planned to Disneyland next summer.

  31. Hutchie38 says:

    Would love to win this. Taking our baby girl to Disney in March. Your never too young to start enjoying the magic

  32. dana15cloe says:

    I would keep it until my next trip in December!!!!

  33. disneyfreeak says:

    It would be fantastic if I win. I could really use it this year. Im getting married in October & we’re going to Disneyland for our honeymoon!!! <3 🙂

  34. danafergy says:

    I would love to win!

  35. Jeffanddebraw1 says:

    I could REALLY use this gift card!!! We’re going in June for DD’s Graduation present!!! We LOVE LOVE Disney!!!!

  36. tjwalsh2 says:

    If I luckily won this I would use it to buy my sons birthday presents coming up. He loves Disney and I just spent 4 days admitted in the hospital so I will have big bills coming. Thank you so much for the chance, I greatly appreciate it.

  37. aneducatedbear says:

    I would use it for our upcoming trip in June!!!!

  38. pvhouse says:

    Would love to use the gift card towards a weekend getaway. Would love to stay at one of the hotels on property!

  39. nikkinicole says:

    I would buy presents for my daughter’s up coming birthday and my son’s 3rd birthday in June…Thank you for such an amazing giveaway!!

  40. daisiesnfreckles says:

    I’m saving up for a Disney vacation for my family. Every little bit helps!

  41. wendy fonseca says:

    This gift card would help my fiancé and I with our dream honeymoon in Disneyland 🙂

  42. bethnords says:

    I would spend this in the gift shops

  43. apaci73 says:

    We’re making our annual trip in August and could use this to buy our table in wonderland discount card.

  44. janetglaze says:

    we would use this to help with the deposit for our Spring 2015 trip to Disney World!

  45. michelleastill says:

    We have a had busy and rough couple years we have moved 6 times in 2 yrs due to jobs and the last one we moved out of state and after 5 months my husband and other employees were all laid off. We are wanting to take our girls to Disneyland this year for a nice family vacation. Its been crazy but we are truly grateful we made through everything and I’m so lucky for my little family! This gift card would definitely help!

  46. Barbara says:

    Our whole family goes on Disney vacations together, not just immediate family either I’m talking my sisters family and brother-in-laws family. We usually camp at Fort Wilderness in our RV’s or rent multi-room houses for everyone but we have great fun! This gift card will go to great use that’s for sure!!

  47. shelleylaclark says:

    If I won the gift card I would put it toward Dinner at O’hana’s for my family & I.

  48. momof3boyz says:

    Looking forward to taking my 3 boys to Disney for the first time this year but it gets expensive so this would come in handy.

  49. abowman02 says:

    Would love to have the gift card for an upcoming trip. This site is awesome with all the helpful tips!

  50. katiedara says:

    We would love to add this gift card to our savings! We are going on our first Disney Cruise this summer! 7 nights on the Fantasy!!

  51. chefnichole says:

    I would use it towards souvenirs for my 3 children during our vacation to Walt Disney World this year

  52. blondebunny says:

    Our next trip is planned for Christmas! A gift card would be a wonderful gift for my son!

  53. sarahkate60120 says:

    I would use the card for a BBB makeover for my daughter. We are visiting DW in October for her 9th birthday. What a perfect way to spend a birthday!

  54. jdmoates says:

    I love this blog!

  55. c.langtry says:

    While we are going on our youngest daughter’s 1st ever Disney trip (one of many we hope) , we would really love to do something special for our oldest daughter (7). Do you have any suggestions as to what would constitute “special” for a 7 year old princess? If we were to win this gift car 🙂

  56. jessica7183 says:

    I would use this card to take my son to disney for his 6th bday. I’m a single mom donor would go a long way. 🙂

  57. mcox03 says:

    I am raising money for Ronald McDonald house in connection with running the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I went from sitting on the couch to training for this. I figured if I am doing something so important for my health I should share the wealth. It is a great charity, I am very excited! The gift card would be a huge help during this trip!,

  58. JT1716 says:

    I could really use this card for our trip to Disney World this February 2014. I appreciate The Main Street Mouse partnering up with Sunshine Rewards for contest such as this. Mine and my husband 15th anniversary is February 19th and we decided what we really wanted for our anniversary was a trip to Disney World with all 3 of our precious children.
    We have been saving money for about 16 months for this and this would be icing on the cupcakes. 😉
    Best wishes to all who participate! Thank you again TMSM and Sunshine Rewards

  59. ralo1971 says:

    I will be taking my niece to Disney World to celebrate her 8th birthday. We could use this gift card to make her birthday extra special!!

  60. 2kidsdance says:

    I hope to take the grand babies to Disneyland this summer, this would really help

  61. DeborahMoody says:

    This will be our first trip to Disney so I will be using the gift card in Downtown Disney or at the parks so my two children can bring home an extra special souvenir. xoxo Good Luck Everyone!

  62. LadyMcDow says:

    Going in June with my 6 year old and my mom. A girl’s getaway. This would be awesome!!!!

  63. owliecupcake says:

    We’re planning a trip this fall for our family of 6. This gift card would come in handy!

  64. jazyjuel says:

    I will probably use it for food while I’m there!!!

  65. KSabo says:

    We are going in August and would love to win this!!!

  66. melhoehn says:

    I am planning my families first trip to DisneyWorld for later this year. So, I would use it for that.

  67. hldquilter says:

    I’d use the Disney Gift Card to get more Disney stuff! Can’t wait to go back!

  68. Melody says:

    The Card would be used for Souvenir’s, Shops, GREAT DISNEY FOODS! Love them Turkey Legs!! mmm.mmm.mmm

  69. danac3563 says:

    Could us the $100 gift card as a gift for my sick sister who has never been to Disney. I am planning a surprise trip for her this spring.

  70. rnforhim says:

    Hi, I am new to blogging, but here goes. I would save the Disney gift card until I could buy something extra ordinarily special with it. These past 2 years have been very hard for me, and I would use the card to celebrate a new year and new beginnings.

  71. MelMich777 says:

    I would give this to my sister to use on her Disney vacation in April!

  72. renny500 says:

    I would put this gift cars toward the cruise that we have planned for 2015.

  73. prisoto04 says:

    I want to win! 😀 I love Disney!!

  74. aimzers84 says:

    i go to DLR in Sept so this would be useful!!

  75. murrayauntciny42 says:

    This would be awesome to be able to win. I have a son-in-law and four grandbabies that have never been. It is the most awesome place in the world.

  76. samanthalouise712 says:

    I would use it for some spending money after all the moving costs we’ll have from moving from Chicago to Orlando!

  77. cathyz09 says:

    I would buy my boyfriend something special at Disneyland since he always spoils me and takes me there. 🙂

  78. 5disneykids says:

    I would use the gift card to get the kids a special gift during our next Disney vacation!

  79. PSL1013 says:

    I would use the gift card on are upcoming trip during the Food and Wine Festival.

  80. KathieR says:

    Thanks for the chance!!!! Heading to Flower & Garden in May!!!

  81. sunshine says:

    Taking my 3 girls in April & this will really come in handy! Thank you

  82. cindyls says:

    I would use it for an upcoming Disney trip!

  83. ferret42 says:

    40th Birthday trip!

  84. a1z2yaya says:

    I would love to have this gift card to use on my next Disneyland trip! I am taking 6 kids with me and it would sure help feed them!

  85. froggy1001 says:

    I would use this gift card if I won, towards my next trip. I need money for food!

  86. KathyLittlejohn says:

    Absolutely adore Disney, i can say I’m totally addicted. So please help me feed my addiction. In all honesty, I try to go every two weeks with my daughter.

  87. sashainoue says:

    OMG!! I’m obsessed with going to Disneyland. And I could really use a gift card too!! This is great! 🙂

  88. dwhite56 says:

    Oops….sorry I repeated myself! 🙂 I was excited!

  89. dwhite56 says:

    I’m going in a month’s time with my grown daughter and 17 yr old son! We cannot get enough of the Mouse House! Thank you for doing this giveaway TMSM!! We’re going to WDW in a month’s time (end of Feb.)

  90. chrisadd says:

    We are going on our first trip to Disney World this Sept as DVC members and could really use the gift card!!

  91. jenjolt says:

    Love Disney Love this site!! It would be great to win this gift card! Taking my daughter on her first trip in May!! Can’t wait to share it with her.

  92. Tinker21214 says:

    I’ve loved Disney ever since i was little and I think it’s really awesome how generous TMSM is being! Thanks for being such an interesting page that shares DIsney news and photos!!

  93. bethi says:

    Heading down on 3/20 for Flower & Garden. Dinner reservation at California Grill. I’d buy myself dinner & maybe put the rest towards a massage at one of the spas on site!

  94. CarolB says:

    A gift card would be great for our trip this spring.

  95. daplowrie says:

    Would love to add a gift card to our Disney jar! With a family of 7, every penny counts when saving for our trip! (thank you for all the links to contests that you provide!)

  96. lovthesurf says:

    Heading “home” in Dec….every penny helps!

  97. kat kelley says:

    in am working on taking my granddaughter to disneyland this summer…she’ll be 6 years old on friday…it would sure help!

  98. stefecatzz says:

    I would use it for an upcoming trip during the Flower & Garden Festival this year! 🙂

  99. tmpst1 says:

    We are trying to go in Sept. This would help. I love Disney. My kids had a blast when we went.

  100. cnickels13 says:

    Going in June with 11 others! Huge family vacation!

  101. lsapp says:

    I would use this to dine on property!

  102. emmaolivia44 says:

    I am desperately trying to take my kids to WDW and the gift card will put me one step closer!

  103. dsnymagik says:

    Since I just won AP this would be great to spend on the rest of the family!

  104. luvdisny16 says:

    Since I am currently unemployed, I’d like to buy something cool for my grandchildren from The Disney Store!

  105. Mary says:

    Saving up so that I can get my first AP. This will really help!

  106. kjlivingston says:

    Taking our kids for the first time in late June =)

  107. pumpkinmuffin says:

    I’d use it for my upcoming trip!

  108. hdeuel says:

    I would use it toward our next Disney trip!

  109. raeolight says:

    I would buy some cool early Christmas gifts

  110. Gail says:

    Another trip is planned for June! Have a magical day!

  111. calebspeaks says:

    I would use this gift card to help pay for my next Disney Vacation!

  112. luvmysoxfan says:

    disney gift card? oh yes…thank you! ºoº

  113. rachelturley says:

    My husband and I are going to Disney in March and are still scraping together all of our funds to pay for the trip. This card would be a big help! =] <3

  114. lukeandjdsmom says:

    Anything to help me get back to the magic!

  115. couponqueen says:

    We’re going in August. I’d love to get my son a ride at the Richard Petty Experience for his b-day!

  116. Casey580 says:

    Would love to win gift card..have not been there in a very long time.

  117. DisneyFan says:

    I would either save mine till we had a trip planned or I would take my boys to our local Disney Store and have a fun shopping spree, they would love this since they are hooked on vinylmations right now

  118. ernie1465 says:

    I could really use this for our September trip to Disneyland! Taking my 3 kids ages 2,4 & 5 for their first trip!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  119. KrystenG says:

    I would love to win the Disney gift card to use on our trip in October. We’re taking my sister as a graduation present for finishing her undergrad degree and I’d love to take her to a character dinner! Thanks!! 🙂

  120. DIStherapy says:

    I would be thrilled to use my Disney Gift Card to celebrate running the Princess Half Marathon next month!!

  121. cav31381 says:

    We are going to Disney World in May. I would love to win the gift card and take my kids to one of the Character Dinners. Since they are crazy expensive. Thanks for the chance!

  122. rugoofey2 says:

    Would love to win this as I am a big Goofy fan! Plan to go to Disney this year and meet up with friends I haven’t seen in a few years. Love Disney!

  123. roxana90 says:

    I would use the gift card towards my next trip to Disneyland! 🙂

  124. cccslp says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  125. Nicksmommy8 says:

    We are going next month and this would be amazing for my boys! 🙂

  126. momlora47 says:


  127. DisneyDva says:

    If I can manage to book a trip this year it would be for that. If not it would be a shopping spree at my local Disney Store for my daughter.

  128. jlosco says:

    I would love to win this gift card, as we’re saving money for our Disney wedding & honeymoon and every little bit helps!

  129. krystenw26 says:

    I would use the gift card on our upcoming family vacation in June!!! I would love to win!! I love all things Disney!

  130. solski78 says:

    I’m taking my daughter for her first trip in March that gift card would really help us .

  131. Chrissy0745 says:

    Thank you for the chance!

  132. Sara.Guin1 says:

    We’ll be going to Disney soon for our Family Reunion. We’re all so excited to be leaving the frigid cold of the midwest to get away for a little while. Hoping it’s warm enough to swim because I’ve got two kids wanting to splash down!!

  133. PedsNursePatty says:

    I LOVE DISNEY! Going on my 1st Disney Cruise this year! YAY!!!

  134. MarciCampbell says:

    I could really use this gift card. I’m saving all this year to pay for a Disney vacation for my family of 7. My oldest will turn 18 soon, so this will be a memorable vacation before he moves out!

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