I Like Your Hat!

January 19, 2014


I wouldn’t call myself a “hat” person. When it’s really cold outside, or when I’m having a bad hair day, then I may grab a hat, but not usually. Disney is an exception to the rule for myself and a lot of non-hat wearers. Not just any hat, but silly hats… hats that we would NEVER wear to pick up the kids at school or to the local Walmart! Can you imagine? People would think you’re nuts! So, what is it about Disney that makes the ridiculous completely fashionable and cool? Disney MAGIC maybe?

Have you ever noticed how many hats they sell at Disney Parks? Of course, there are a huge variety of traditional Mickey Ears, that goes without saying. But, there are also a lot of other types of hats…. Sorcerer Hats, Goofy Hats with Ears, Princess Crowns, Pirate Hats, etc….. There are a ton of hats to choose from. Are these hats something we would normally wear? For most of us, heck no! I could never see any use for these hats, but it’s Disney, so they get a pass. These lovely head decorations aren’t too cheap either. I wouldn’t normally spend over $20 or $30 on a novelty item that I probably won’t wear but a few times, but again, it’s Disney, it’s justified.


It’s funny, because even if people aren’t buying hats, they’re at least trying them on and taking pictures with them. I’ve done it, I’ve had my kids do it, I bet a lot of you have too! Mickey ears aren’t too expensive, I’ve gotten a few. They’re collectors items in our household. As for the more frilly, expensive hats, the only one I’ve actually sprung for and bought was the Captain Jack Sparrow hat in the gift shop at Pirates of the Caribbean. Normally, I would never spend almost $40 for a hat, but it was just like Jack’s, and the ones they sell in the regular Disney Stores don’t compare, they aren’t as nice. So, I found myself standing in line for an expensive novelty hat. See what Disney can do? A sense of logic an reasoning flies out the window!


Maybe it’s all part of being a kid again that makes us spend money on things we normally wouldn’t. Remember when you were little, and buying toys was something we looked forward to? We didn’t care how much use we’d get out of the item, or if it was a smart purchase, we just wanted it. That’s how I feel at Disney. It’s ok to buy toys and random silly items, right? It’s funny because as you walk around the parks, you see grown men and women walking around with Mouse Ears and puffy character hats, and don’t even bat an eye. It’s normal at Disney. Sometimes when I’m walking and people watching I see a hat that I hadn’t seen before, and wonder where they bought it at. If I were at home, I’d think those people were a McNugget short of a Happy Meal! But, Disney defies all logic, reasoning, and age, doesn’t it? It’s a Disney kind of “crazy” but it works. Unless you’re a Disney Enthusiast you might not understand what the deal is with hats and such. I’m so glad that I’m among people here who completely “get it” when it comes to checking your age at the Disney door, it’s a magical feeling. So, next time you’re at a Disney Park, take a look around and see all the big kids and their fun gear, and maybe think of this article. Walk right up to them and tell them you like their hat!


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  1. My favorite hat ever was black with a jeweled tiara on the front that I got at Disneyland in the 1990’s. I lost it on a different trip a few years later, and I’ve never found another that I like as much 🙁

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