Happy New Year Disney Family!

January 1, 2014



Happy New Year Disney Family! 2013 has come and gone, and now we’re looking ahead to 2014 and what it may hold. The Main Street Mouse had quite a magical 2013, thanks to all of our amazing supporters. The growth on our site and in our overall following has become something that is beyond what I could have asked for.

When TMSM was thought of years ago, I suppose I never had an exact anticipation of what I’d like to see happen, just a dream and an idea that we decided to run with. Because of all of you, that dream became a reality, and I thank you for that. Our first month of the site relaunch back in December of 2012, garnished a whopping 225,000 site hits. Being that we were down for over a year, that was incredible to me. I thought to myself, coming back was the right thing to do, people are loyal, and still interested in what we do here. That’s the best feeling. We pushed forward with stories, updates, information, and of course Disney humor since then. I’m proud to say, that a year later, December 2013, TMSM had over 15 Million page hits! What a difference a year makes, it’s still hard to believe. To say I’m grateful is an understatement!

So, with that being said, what can we come up with for our dear Disney Family for 2014? I have so many ideas, and I’m very excited to see where the coming year takes us. With member input, we can keep TMSM going in the direction that our fans want to see it at. You asked for Disneyland info, you got it. Same with Disney Cruise Line. We try to keep our members happy. I personally don’t read other Disney fan and information sites. I only read what Disney themselves put out to share. I also take into consideration what our fans want to see and talk about. With keeping only two things in mind, Disney and our Fans, that sets us apart, makes us unique, and has helped create a tight knit Disney Family. What more can we ask for? I think we have something pretty wonderful and special at TMSM, and I promise to keep doing my part to make 2014 even better for all of you. I know we all can’t get to the various Disney Parks as much as we’d like, so I will continue to bring the Magic to you, no matter where you are each day. Thanks so much Disney Family! I wish all of you a safe, blessed, happy and MAGICAL 2014! ~Michele

**A special thank you to the wonderful people who help me keep our Disney community family friendly and safe for all to enjoy! They contribute info, answer questions, run trivia, and are all around helpful to have around, and I’m grateful! A huge THANK YOU from Scott and I to~ Corey, Autumn, Sue, Mike, Dianna, Kelly, Hugh, Andy and Amanda.

~Happy New Year from Our Family to Yours!~


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