Beautifully Unique Shot of Main Street USA, Magic Kindgom

December 4, 2013

Main Street USA

Friend to The Main Street Mouse, Andy from WDW Shutterbug sent us this amazing photo of Main Street at the Magic Kingdom. TMSM was sent this great picture along with a little bit of a back story as well.

It’s very rare for the Magic Kingdom to be photographed like this. Notice, there’s no flag pole or Christmas Tree up (yet!). This doesn’t happen all that often, so it gives me a chance to photograph from the train station, looking straight at the castle with no obstruction.

It’s also heavily rumored that this is the last year they’ll be hanging garlands on Main Street because the new parade that’s coming out in the spring will be too tall and wouldn’t fit through MSUSA with the garlands being there. However, what they’re replacing them with is supposedly going to look much better anyway. We’ll see!
I haven’t shared this picture anywhere yet, so consider it a TMSM exclusive!
~Andy, WDW Shutterbug

I want to thank Andy for the amazing contributions he’s sent us by way of his beautiful photos! Be sure to check out WDW Shutterbug on Facebook! ~M

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