Thor: The Dark World Review

November 25, 2013

Thor the Dark World

Well, after a few very busy weeks, I finally had the chance to get to the movies this past weekend and see “Thor: The Dark World”.  As with most movies I want to see, I try to avoid others reviews or spoilers so not to ruin the film for myself.  Before I post my disclaimer about this article, I have to say that I really enjoyed this movie.  The story line was great and the amount of action and effects made the film a must see for any Marvel fan.

Be advised, there will be spoilers in this article!  

The movie begins telling a bit of the back story for what the films plot deals with.  You see Thor’s grandfather Bor, fighting against the Dark Elf Malekith the Accursed.  Malekith’s mission is to destroy the universe with a weapon he has created, called Aether.   Bor and his army battle Malekith’s forces and win.  What Bor didn’t know is that Malekith sensing the defeat takes a small handful of his soldiers and goes into a suspended animation, leaving the rest of his army to die.  Bor knew he needed to get rid of the Aether, but knew it was too powerful to just destroy it.  He decides he must have the Aether buried and hidden, so as not to be found.  Well now as you know, nothing is ever hidden for good.

Fast forward to present day on Asgard, Loki receives his punishment from his father Odin for his war crimes he committed on Earth.  Loki is sentenced to Odin’s dungeon with other criminals to spend his life in captivity.

Thor hasn’t forgotten about Jane from the first movie and you see him going to Heimdall at the base of the Bifrost to check on her.  Heimdall has the ability to see everything in the nine realms.  Heimdall explains to Thor about the Convergence that is getting ready to take place, it brings all the nine realms into alignment and only happens every 5,000 years.  On this night though, Heimdall is unable to see Jane.  Jane is now living and working in London.  Due to her equipment acting as it did in New Mexico, she is investigating and inadvertently releases the Aether that was suppose to be hidden.  Why is it that things that happen on Asgard always effect the Earth?  Thor appears now and can sense there is something wrong with her medically, he takes her away to Asgard for help.

Now that the Aether is released, Malekith wakes from his sleep.   Malekith sets out to find his Aether and wants to still destroy the Universe.  He attacks Asgard.   Malekith finds Jane and his Aether.  In protecting Jane, Frigga is killed, this of course enrages Thor and he wants to destroy Malektih for killing his mother.  Thor needs the help of the only person that knows his way off of Asgard without using the Bifrost…LOKI.  He makes a deal with his brother and they leave to confront Malekith. Once they find Malekith, Loki turns on Thor and Jane.  Malekith extracts the Aether from Jane and becomes more powerful, but Loki didn’t really turn.  It was a ploy in order for Thor to attempt to destroy the Aether when it was out of Jane.  Unfortunately this fails and the Aether isn’t destroyed.  A battle takes place and sadly Loki is killed.  Thor tells Loki as he is dying, that he will tell their father of his sacrifice.  Thor and Jane get back to London and find Dr. Erik Selvig who knows all about the Convergence.  The final battle ensues.  Thor destroys Malekith and saves the Universe.

The movie ends with Thor talking to his father Odin and telling him he cannot be king.  As Thor leaves his father’s chambers, Odin transforms into a grinning Loki.  Loki is alive, but at this point we do not know what has become of Odin.  The movie is over and leaves us wondering.

There are actually 2 credit scenes in this film so don’t leave.  The first shows Volstagg and Sif coming to meet the Collector.  For those that don’t know who the Collector is, he is a character from the upcoming movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

After the final credits have run, we see a last scene where Thor comes back to Earth to see Jane.  You see them embrace and then you see a scene of a frost monster that was transported to Earth by accident during the final battle.

I was hoping this movie was going to be good and I wasn’t disappointed at all.  After seeing this, I’m even more excited about Guardians that will be out in August 2014.  Before then we also have “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” coming out in April 2014.  With all the Marvel movies linking together, you can’t miss one or you may get lost, so be sure to catch them all!

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