Putting up the Christmas Tree….. Disney’s Grand Floridian Style!

November 22, 2013


Tis the Season! Seems like no one does Christmas decorating like the amazing crew at Disney’s various Parks and Resorts. Our good friend and TMSM Contributor, Andy at WDW Shutterbug, was gracious enough to share some photos and a great video of the enormously beautiful Christmas Tree that was put up at the Grand Floridian Resort at Walt Disney World. I asked Andy to give me a little info on his experience documenting the tree being constructed at the Grand Floridian, and here’s what he had to say:

“In a nutshell: I arrived at around 10PM and saw all the crates and boxes and equipment piled up at the main entrance of the building. It wasn’t until around 10:30 that the Holiday Services Cast Members started clearing the lobby of guests and furniture. The tree commenced at 11PM and it was completed at around 5:30AM. That team is responsible for setting up decorations at ALL of the resorts and parks – as well as the Disney cruise ships! Even the littlest wreath is coded/numbered and has its pre-designated spot in the resort.”

Wow, isn’t that amazing how hard the crew works to have all these beautiful decorations up for all the Guests to enjoy? I think it’s also pretty awesome that Andy watched and documented the whole experience like this! That’s a long time to watch and take photos and such! Below is the time lapse video that Andy also shared with us of the tree being put up. Thanks Andy for the contribution, we appreciate it. Enjoy the video Everyone!

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