Anniversary of the Fountain of Nations Ceremony

October 24, 2013


Thirty-One years ago today, the International Ceremony of the Waters and dedication of Fountain of Nations at Epcot in Future World took place.  Cultural representatives, selected by their countries, traveled to Epcot with a container of water from their nation and poured it into the fountain during the dedication.


Each of the representatives brought a total of  twenty-five bodies of water representing twenty-nine nations.  The container brought from the Senagambia River in Africa represented eight African nations.  Another container from the mighty Mississippi River represented the United States in the ceremony.

In addition to the representatives from each country, there was a group of 16 herald trumpeters and 6 drummers joined by the West Point Glee Club and a 450 piece All-American College Marching Band assembled by Walt Disney World from 146 different colleges.  Also on hand for the event was Mrs. Lillian Disney (Walt’s widow), Walt Disney Productions executives Donn Tatum and Card Walker,  corporate executives, foreign and American political figures and many other VIPs.  There was a total of over 4,000 invitations sent out for the event.  There was also a special flag raising ceremony with an American flag that was a gift from then President Ronald Reagan, the flag had been flown at the White House.

The fountain holds a total of 149,000 gallons of water with 30,000 gallons that flow over the tiered sides every minute.  Today, 200 pneumatic shooters help create dancing waters to various Disney musical selections for the guests to enjoy.

Next time you look at the fountain, think about all that went into creating this and to the great lengths that were taken by the different nations to create such a great Epcot landmark.


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