Disney Cast Members are Magic too!

October 22, 2013

One of the great things about running The Main Street Mouse is getting to know some magical people. We have an amazing fan base, and we’ve truly become our own special Disney Family. Included in TMSM’s family, are some wonderful Disney Cast Members. Disney Parks are truly magical, but part of that magic is the people who work there everyday. Disney raises the bar with it’s employees, and we appreciate the hard work they do. Cast Members are an essential part of creating a magical experience for those of us who visit the Parks. I personally get messages from Cast Members, and I appreciate the feedback. One Disney Cast Member that I’d like to mention is Michael Signorello. Michael works in the Magic Kingdom, and makes an effort to go out of his way to make experiences even more magical for guests who really could use the extra bit of happiness. Here’s one example:

“Not too long ago, I was notified of a 31 year old mother with a 3 year old daughter, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I was told she only has 3 months to live. This will be her FIRST and LAST visit to the Magic Kingdom. So I worked ALL week on doing something MAGICAL for her on her visit, and at 3:30 today this SPECIAL woman had a MAGICAL visit from Princess Cinderella, Prince Charming and the FAIRY GODMOTHER in our VIP room. May the PIXIE DUST carry with her as MIRACLES do happen!” Michael shared these pictures of his too.



These types of stories happen all the time at Disney. People who have illnesses come to Disney to find some happiness and a reprieve. Cast Members like Michael go out of their way to make their adventure at Disney a memorable one, and to put some magic in their lives. Life is busy, the days go by fast, and we all have hardships to go through. I think part of the appeal of Disney is that they offer an escape from the reality of everyday life. It’s as if the real world gets checked at the door, or once you hit Disney property in this case. You get to leave your cares behind and be a kid again, no matter what your age is. Disney’s Cast Members are an important part in making this magic happen. Without them, and without the extra mile that they go for us, Disney would be just another theme park. So, thank you Michael for sharing your experiences, and thank you to the other Disney Cast members who follow along with TMSM and for the hard work you do. We appreciate your efforts in helping to keep the magic alive.

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One thought on “Disney Cast Members are Magic too!”
  1. I love this story and this is exactly what I needed to hear. Dec 17-19 I will be there with my 4 kids. My youngest is 14, but like he is 5, in a wheelchair and has a terminal illness. He is starting to lose his voice and almost can’t move his arms at all, so he will maybe ride a few rides but not a lot. He just wants to be there, meet the characters, and shop lol. But I am so hoping this will be special. After reading this, I believe it will be for my baby and all of us. Thanks for posting this. God bless!

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