If you have ever watched Iron Man and though how awesome it would be to have your own JARVIS?  I’m sure there are many who think this would be great.  I’m sure there are others wondering, “Who is JARVIS?”   Well for those ones that don’t know exactly what JARVIS is i’ll explain.  Tony Stark the multi-billionaire from the Marvel universe known as Iron Man has an A.I. for his armor which is named JARVIS.  So you are probably wondering what does this acronym stand for.  Well its fairly simple.  Its Just a Rather Very Intelligent System.

Even though we aren’t able to have our own Iron Man suit as Tony does, now thanks to the team over at Marvel we can have our very own JARVIS for our i/OS devices.  JARVIS will help you wake up, control your Blu-ray of Marvel’s “Iron Man 3” and much more. Activate JARVIS through a simple setup process and get ready for an entirely new Second Screen Experience, where JARVIS will literally be a part of your daily routine. Browse through all 42 of Tony Stark’s armors in the interactive Armor Gallery, gain access to exclusive content as well as be able to control the Blu-ray menus with either a digital remote or simply by using your voice.

But that’s not all JARVIS can do! Check out our full list of features from the app:

-Like Tony Stark, users can engage JARVIS through voice-activated commands

-Receive messages from JARVIS, download ringtones, post to Facebook and more

-Check time, local weather as well as set alarms through the integrated Clock mode

-Initiate media delivered in messages, including video, audio, image, ringtone or website

-Install unique ringtones

-Unlock 42 unique Iron Man suits (plus additional “Ghost” file)

-When connected to the same network as the Blu-ray player, JARVIS will function as the Blu-ray remote control, or the user can simply “say what you see” and the app will do the rest.

This is a free app so be sure to go and download it.  The app has been available for a few weeks now, so if you have it already please tell us what you think of it.


JARVIS screens


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