Extra Help for WDW Guests with Food Allergies

July 23, 2013




It seems like we have been getting more and more questions lately regarding issues that people with food allergies have while vacationing at WDW.  While you can always ask Cast Members questions regarding your particular needs, Animal Kingdom is going to have a specific spot designated specifically for these kinds of issues.

Beginning on August 4, 2013, a new spot called the “Garden Kiosk” will be open for guests to find out information and explore their dining options while visiting Animal Kingdom.  The new kiosk for food allergies will be located on Discovery Island, near the new meet and greet spot, Adventurers Outpost.

The Garden Kiosk will be open every day, from 9:00 am till 3:00 pm.  In addition to offering information regarding food allergy concerns, they will also offer a small variety of  snacks, such as granola bars and gluten-free beer.

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One thought on “Extra Help for WDW Guests with Food Allergies”
  1. I know eating out with someone who has food allergies is hard. My mom is allergic to anything that comes out of water and strawberries, so you would think ‘okay so don’t order the fish’ but we have to watch out for the fries fried in oil that just fried fish and things like that. My husband also being a chef has to deal with food allergies also.

    Just this past week, my mom, my husband, and I ate at Sanaa. When I made the reservation I put in her allergies. When we checked in they confirmed them, when we were seated the waitress she also confirmed it, and the chef came out and helped her order safe things. I am really glad he did because what she wanted was safe but they way they prepare it was not and we would have never known. I know they take food allergies very serious. I have seen chefs come out at other restaurants also.

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