Controversy still swirling, as Merida is about to become an “official” Disney Princess

May 10, 2013


As we previously reported, Merida from “Brave” is about to be officially crowned a Disney Princess at Walt Disney World, tomorrow, May 11th.  Earlier, the big controversy swirling around was whether or not Disney really “needed” another Disney Princess.  She will be number 11, and some thought we already had plenty of Princesses to keep little girls everywhere happy.  Well, that doesn’t seem to be the issue anymore.  Some of you I’m sure have seen the “glammed up” version of Merida that has been released, if not, see above.  Parents everywhere are very upset, and I believe I can see why.  What was wrong with Merida before?

Throughout history, the Princesses of Disney portray what the “perfect” girl should be.  First of all, thin.  Then comes the long perfect hair, beautiful smile, perfect dresses, and of course, they all need a Prince to come and rescue them, to ensure that “Happily Ever After” ending.  That’s how it goes, right?  It doesn’t have to be that way.  That’s not how Merida rolled.

In the story of Brave, Merida was an independent girl, who didn’t want to put her happiness all on the concept of being a perfect girly-girl, and landing herself a handsome man.  She did things her own way, to the dismay of her family and others who expected differently from her.  She didn’t have perfect hair, well, actually I thought she had awesome hair, but that’s beside the point.  She didn’t have a perfect ball gown, perfect smile, super girly behavior, fancy shoes…… nope, none of it.  Instead, she had a plain dress, curly hair and freckles, wasn’t dependent on a “Prince,” and could shoot a mean bow and arrow.  Kind of cool, right?  Not cool enough.

Photos of a re-vamped Merida have come out, just in time for her ceremony at the Magic Kingdom.  Parents are outraged, and here’s why.  These days, girls have such a huge stereotypical image that they feel they should live up to.  Even us older girls have image issues, and are so critical of ourselves at times.  Why?  Because society defines what is perfect and “Princess-like” most times, and unfortunately, Disney does this too.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Disney.  I wish I was secretly Cinderella, and had a Castle waiting for me somewhere (or at least the suite in the Castle, that’s fine).  That being said, as “girly” as I am…. I don’t get it, what was wrong with Merida the way she was?  There are petitions are boycotts going on over this, and I get it.  Would I protest Disney? No.  Would I like to see some changes?  You bet.  As a girl who grew up with naturally curly hair and freckles, and someone who always felt I needed to “improve” myself, this is a pinch disheartening.  I don’t know if anything will be done, but it’s good that people voice how they feel.

In real life, no one is perfect.  We all have things about ourselves that we wish we could change.  Some of us, ahem, have freckle faces that we can do nothing about.  Does it make us any less “Princess-like?”  No way!  We need to get to our children early, when they are the most impressionable, and show them that there is no standard that they need to live up to, not even for a Princess.  I guess we shall see what happens, and watch if Disney makes any changes.  Until then, I tip my “crown” to all the other beautiful “Princesses” out there who have things about them that make us all unique.  Stay true to yourselves, not to what others think you should be.

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  1. UGH! I agree… she needs to be left alone! The new version goes against everything that Merida IS in the movie. AND she’s not accurate for her age, her time period is even iffy! DISLIKE!!!

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