Disney’s Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Courses

April 18, 2013


Disney’s Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Courses
By: Mandi J.

Everyone knows about the typical, every day, activities of the Walt Disney World parks, but surprisingly, there are quite a few folks who do not know about the extra fun Disney offers! One of the fun, family friendly, activities to enjoy is miniature golf at Disney’s Winter Summerland!
Winter Summer has two exciting courses to choose from. Guests can choose between the winter side, or the summer side! The winter side is 18 holes of winter fun! This winter wonderland is complete with snow, icicles, and frozen rivers! Some of the exciting holes everyone will encounter while making their way through is putting the ball through a frozen castle, and maneuvering through dancing snowflakes! The whole winter experience is complete with Christmas music playing in the background! And yes, they even play it in the midst of summer!

The summer side is where Santa goes to vacation after a long winter! Instead of everything being covered in ice and snow, the land is a beach lover’s paradise! Everything is sand and water! Santa couldn’t have picked a better place to stay! Ice castles have been transformed into sand castles, snowflakes into bubbles, and shimmering frozen rivers, are now thawed and full of rafts! The music, which was once Christmas, is replaced with beach tunes and the perfect summer songs!

The hardest part about Winter Summerland is choosing which course to do! I, personally, think the experience is not fully complete until everyone has the chance to try both!

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