While the rumors have been swirling for some time, Disney has confirmed that there will indeed be a Pirates of the Caribbean 5. The film has a release date set for July 10, 2015. I had heard for quite awhile that this was coming, but wasn’t sure when. POTC 5 will be a Jerry Bruckheimer production, like the others, but there is no script as of yet. Die hard Captain Jack Sparrow fans were worried that Johnny Depp wouldn’t come back to do another film, but rest assured, he’s on board! Johnny Depp is currently working on the finishing touches for The Lone Ranger, which will be out this summer. I’m so happy that more Pirates are coming, even if I have to wait over two years to see it!

With the help of Pirates of the Caribbean 5, 2015 is shaping up to be a big year for Disney movies. The next film for the Star Wars franchise, the first of three, is said to be released in 2015 also, as well as the next installment of The Avengers.

Disney has a big year planned for 2014 as well, The Muppets 2 and Maleficient are scheduled to be released. Maleficient was originally expected to debut in March of 2014, but has been bumped to the 4th of July weekend to create more buzz. Also with 2014 release dates, are Captain America: The Winter Soldier, opening in theaters April 4, 2014, and Guardians of the Galaxy, debuting Aug. 1, 2014, both to be released in 3D. It’s exciting to know that there are more great Disney movies coming in the next two years!

Sadly, I heard that The Little Mermaid will not be released in 3D this year. The reason for the cancellation is because of disappointing numbers for the 3D release of both Monsters Inc and Beauty and the Beast. For more upcoming Disney movie news, keep it here to The Main Street Mouse for future information!

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