This is ridiculous, but I felt the need to report it! A man who continuously breaks into Walt Disney World was finally caught and was banned from entering the park for life. The man, who calls himself Adam the Woo, apparently takes videos of himself breaking into the parks. Not smart. He says it’s to satisfy his curiosity. Also not smart.

In a youtube video, Adam says this…”I never received any emails from Disney on what I was doing was wrong. So, I figured maybe I’ll get a slap on the wrist, they’ll talk about the videos, say ‘don’t do it anymore,’ all that good stuff. None of that happened. They were waiting at the gate and they got me.” Really? Is he kidding? I didn’t think you needed an email from anyone to know that what you were doing was illegal!! He’s lucky all he got was “banned”. Disney said this…..”they take matters like this seriously and filed a trespass warning against Adam because he deliberately entered unauthorized areas several times before.”

If you ask me, he got off easy. I don’t buy the whole “I didn’t know I was doing something wrong” bit. It’s Disney. They’re a big deal. You don’t mess with them. It’s common sense. I think they should have pressed charges, but that’s me. What do you think about this guy?? Did he get what he deserved??

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3 thoughts on “Man banned permanently from Disney World”
  1. I’ve been watching adam the woo videos for close to a year, and I know that i’m in the minority but i think the lifetime ban is a little too extreme. He knows what he did was against the disney policy and he is at fault but c’mon a lifetime ban? Just a little extreme in my opinion.

  2. I agree he should have gotten way worse than banning. I mean people who break into private homes get worse punishment, right? And i dont buy the whole innocent act either. But in the spirit of being a disney fan maybe they were trying to be on the nice side and just band him when they could have been worse on him. He got mickey mouse treatment instead of the maleficent punsihment. Disney has a heart of gold and this just proves it. 🙂 its why we love it so much.

  3. People have been banned for a whole lot less. I think that this guy deserves a lot worse than a lifetime ban. He obviously does not care about not being allowed in certain areas, what is going to stop him from just coming in the front door again? He had to have known that he was breaking that law and putting cast members at risk by doing this idiotic stunt over and over again.

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