A true Disney Enthusiast knows exactly what the problem is with the question above. We’ve all had it happen. You are talking to someone about Disney, and they say something along the lines of “Yeah, we went to Disneyland in FLORIDA.” Or, on a reverse note, “We saw the new Cars Land in Disney World.” Does it drive you crazy? Does it get under your skin until you can’t help but say something? Oh, I know the feeling!

Some people may not understand why it matters. Does it even matter which one you say, Disneyland or Disney World? What’s they difference, they say? Well, there is a HUGE difference! Yes, it’s all filed under “Disney”, but when people confuse the two it’s a huge pet peeve for me. I know I’m not alone on this one. Disneyland was the original, it was Walt’s first vision, it’s in California!!! Disney World was opened after Walt’s passing, there are 4 different parks, oh, and it’s in Florida!!! Is there a difference? Of course there is!

Now, you as a Disney fan have a decision to make in this situation. Do you correct the person speaking, or just let them think whatever they want to? Well, you wouldn’t want them to walk around in life and NOT know the real difference between the two Disney properties, would you? Of course not! I always find a nice way to tell them the difference. You can always start out like I do… “Do you mean Disneyland or Disney World?” Because, yes, there is indeed a difference! 😉

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4 thoughts on “Do you mean Disneyland, or Disney World??”
  1. It took me a couple months as a kid to get it right, now it drives me crazy too. I still sometimes get “Disney Parks” and “Disney Property” mixed up.

  2. My mother (born and raised in FL) always says Disney World when referring the Magic Kingdom. I always correct her! Friends who know me, know they better get it right or I will say something

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