Merry Christmas from Us to You!

December 24, 2012


It’s that time of year again. Time to be with our loved ones, eat lots of good food, and reflect on the blessings we have. I know a lot of us are looking forward to quality time with our families, myself included. I love the look on my children’s faces on Christmas morning. It’s that same look that they give when they watch Wishes before leaving the Magic Kingdom. It’s magic.

We as adults sometimes lose those magical feelings that we once had as a child. The excitement and wonderment we used to have for our surroundings. Christmas always gave me that “feeling”. Now that I’m older, and a parent, I still have those feelings through the eyes of my two sons. Even before I was a mother, going to Disney World brought back those magical feelings for me. It still does. Disney is the one place that we can be children again with no judgement. Every single day is like Christmas. That’s what brings us together, our love for nostalgia and all that childlike magic.

So with that, I must say that I’m grateful for all of you as well. Through our love of all things Disney, we have come together as a community, as friends, as a Disney Family. Thank you for being part of our World here at The Main Street Mouse. May you all have a bright, beautiful, magical and Merry Christmas!!

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