Healing Hugs to You All…..

December 17, 2012


My Dear Main Street Mousers,

As our Nation comes to grips and begins to heal from last weeks tragedy, I want to offer some healing hugs to all of you. Here at The Main Street Mouse, we try to offer some fun and positivity to uplift our everyday lives. Out of respect, I wanted to pause to show our condolences to the people in Connecticut, and anyone else who is grieving right now. I think besides praying, the best thing we can do is carry on. Life has so many ups and downs, and sometimes we forget how important it is to find some joy. For us Disney Fans, our Joy comes in the form of love for our Happy Place. It unites us. So with that, we will carry on at TMSM. We will do our best to continue to bring our members happiness and smiles.

Tomorrow we will go back to our Disney articles and upbeat manner. It doesn’t mean we have forgotten, it just means that we care enough to try and lift our members up from the sorrows that can occur in our lives. We appreciate each and every one of you for being part of our Disney Family, and never take you for granted. Huge hugs from us to you!!!

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