Well, what can I say, here we are again. First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who stuck by The Main Street Mouse while we were on hiatus. You kept the Facebook page going, and we have had so much fun. We want to invite all of you to be a continued part of our Disney Family, and join us here at The Main Street Mouse as well. Our fans are the reason that we continue to do what we do. That, and the love of all things Disney!

For your veterans of The Main Street Mouse, you may notice we have changed our format. The old site was so much to maintain, and we wanted to start off in a more simple fashion for this go around. What you’ll get here to start with is a blog. The blog will be of current events, fun Disney tips, opinions, stories, fashion, and whatever else I can come up with! We want to strive to maintain that mix of fun and information that we have offered on the facebook page, but give you an extra place to go to get your Disney fix.

There are so many blogs, informational sites, travel sites, and social networking groups that deal with Disney. So… why come to The Main Street Mouse instead of the others? Well, because we truly love Disney, and it comes from the heart. Disney has been part of our family for years. It’s our go-to happy place, and we incorporate it into our daily lives, since we can’t live in Cinderella Castle! We try to keep things light and fun, no drama. One of the complaints I have received from others in the Disney community is that other sites have come off as not-so-friendly as of late, lots of drama and hurtful words going around. Well, we have a Drama-Free Policy here at TMSM. We want our members to feel safe, welcomed, and happy here. If anyone is disrespectful or rude to any of you, please bring it to my attention and it will be dealt with. Disney is about love and happiness, and we don’t intend to have that ruined here. Promise.

So, where do we go from here?? Up like Carl’s House, lots of balloons!! We are continuing to add information and content to the site, so it’s a work in progress. There is SO much happening at Walt Disney World, with the new Fantasyland Expansion, and we want to stay on top of that for you. New attractions are so exciting!! Also, I want to be able to help people who maybe haven’t been to Disney in quite a long time. There is so much to do and see, and it’s exciting for me to be able to share the information that I know. Spreading Disney Magic is what I do best!! That being said, please read our blog, check back regularly, participate, and share our site with your friends!! We will do our best to provide you with Disney info and Fun on a regular basis! So yes, we’re back!! And yes, we thank YOU for that!! Until my next entry….. See Ya Real Soon!!! ~Cindershella ~TMSM

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7 thoughts on “To All, Welcome Back to The Main Street Mouse!”
  1. The ability to upload a picture to your profile is now available. Please go to the Your Profile link on the home page and you will see a box to Update Picture. You can browse to the photo on your computer and upload it.

  2. New to your site, but have been following you on FB. I registered to the blog and would love to add my photo to my profile, but didn’t see anything that would let me do it. Any help would be very much appreciated.

  3. Welcome Back, so glad to see you guys are back up and running, as soon as I can figure it out I’d like to get the trivia going again if that is good with you guys too!

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