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TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Making Disney Time

Happy Wednesday Everyone!  I hope you’re all doing well this week and are ready to catch up! Here we go! We have been working so much the past few weeks, that I felt that we needed some family time with the boys.  Before we know it summer will be over and I know I’ll have regrets.  Yes, I know it just started, but I plan ahead for worrying, sad but true.  With that being said, we made some Disney ti

It’s our FOUR year Florida Anniversary! #liveyourdream

Four years ago today, we crossed the border into sunny Florida to make a new life for ourselves.  FOUR years already.  Back then I was a nervous wreck, in complete and total disbelief that we were actually leaving Michigan and moving across the country.  Sometimes I’m still in disbelief, truthfully.  Change is hard.  Very hard for some like myself.  I knew that The Main Street Mouse couldn’t be pr

Tips for Newbies Going to Walt Disney World ~ See Our List Below!

Repost! In the 8 years we’ve been running The Main Street Mouse, we’ve received so many questions from people looking for help for their Disney vacations. For some, especially people who are new to Disney or have never been, it can be a bit overwhelming. Even when my family comes here to visit, they say they don’t know what they’d do if they had to come up with their own Disney agenda and s

Oreo Is Dropping Limited-Edition Mickey Mouse Cookies!

If you love Oreo cookies…. and Mickey Mouse…. then this is the story for you! In celebration of Mickey Mouse’s birthday this year, we’re getting these magical cookies! From Delish.com ~ Usually for your birthday, you get a cake, some balloons, and maybe a cute card. But, if you’re Mickey Mouse, you get an Oreo in your honor. The new cookies are birthday-cake flavored, because DUH, and

Real Talk About Alcohol at the Magic Kingdom, Courtesy of TMSM Weekly Live!

Last night on our weekly show, TMSM Weekly Live, we wanted to approach the hot topic of the past week in the Disney community…. Alcohol being served at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Be Our Guest has served drinks since it opened back in 2012, but now other sit down restaurants will be offering drinks too. It’s a two drink maximum, but people were still up in arms over the subject. Sometimes it’

Helpful Tips For Your Upcoming Disney Vacation ~ Main Streeter Suggestions

The Summer vacation season is almost here. For many families, that means that Disney vacations will be in the plan for the next couple of months. Being that summertime is pretty busy at the various Disney Parks, I thought it would be a good idea to ask our readers for their favorite Disney vacation tips and suggestions. Here’s what they had to say! Mary Bryan ~ It rains at Disney. Take rain poncho, and kee

The Maleficent Dragon Catches Fire in today’s Festival of Fantasy Parade

Breaking news! Today during the Festival of Fantasy Parade at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, the dragon caught fire just as it was crossing the bridge to the hub area. A Cast Member from the Magic Kingdom sent us the photo below. From the word on the scene, oil started leaking from the head of the dragon and it caught fire. Although this was a scary experience for on lookers, as far as we know, no one was hurt. S