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TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Epcot and More!

Happy Wednesday Main Streeters. I hope you’re doing well and that those of you that are in the path of Hurricane Florence are getting yourselves ready and such. Being as prepared as you can is most important, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. This week marked the one year anniversary of Hurricane Irma in Florida. We talked about it on Monday night’s show (I’ll post the link below Continue Reading

Catch Up on TMSM Weekly Live! #DisneyLife

For the past few months, we have done a live show each Monday evening (sometimes Tuesdays) called TMSM Weekly Live. This Facebook show has been so much fun to do, and the feedback we’ve received from viewers has been nothing but positive. So what’s this all about? Well, each week we run down all the latest happenings here at Walt Disney World. We discuss parks, news, attractions, merchandise…. and Continue Reading

TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Looking Forward to an Incredible Summer

Happy Wednesday Main Streeters!  It’s time for our Florida Living check in! This week has of course been a busy one.  Actually the last FEW weeks have been a bit crazy.  Late Spring or early Summer at Disney is always busy because of new happenings at the parks.  This year Disney’s Incredible Summer is under way, and we have been trying our best to get the latest scoop for our readers!  On Friday, Continue Reading

Real Talk About Alcohol at the Magic Kingdom, Courtesy of TMSM Weekly Live!

Last night on our weekly show, TMSM Weekly Live, we wanted to approach the hot topic of the past week in the Disney community…. Alcohol being served at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Be Our Guest has served drinks since it opened back in 2012, but now other sit down restaurants will be offering drinks too. It’s a two drink maximum, but people were still up in arms over the subject. Sometimes it’ Continue Reading

Introducing Our New Show, TMSM Weekly Live!

It’s been a long time coming, and after hearing feedback from readers and suggestions from our own staff, we’re going to finally do it. Yes, we’ll be doing a LIVE show every Monday evening called TMSM Weekly Live!! Each Monday night, we’ll talk about happenings across the various Disney Parks, talk about what’s new with us, and take YOUR questions! Here’s a quick video we made at Continue Reading