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Nov 11

Dates for Pirates Refurb to Change the Red Head/Auction Scene! Details Below!

We announced a few months back that the famous “auction” scene inside the beloved Pirates of the Caribbean ride was going to be altered, and now we have dates. Here’s the scoop according to Spectrum News 13 ~ The refurbishment is scheduled for Feb. 26 through March 18, according the official Disney World website, with …

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Sep 19

Seeking Pirate-Themed Treasures from Disney Parks for International Talk Like a Pirate Day

From the Disney Parks Blog and written by: Steven Miller Ahoy! With International Talk Like a Pirate Day being celebrated on September 19, I recently set sail to Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort in search of pirate-themed treasures. During my adventure, I dug up several must-have souvenirs in the Plaza del Sol …

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Aug 18

Ride Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland!

One of the things that was on my to do list when visiting Disneyland last month, was to ride some attractions there, that we also have here in Disney World. Everyone was telling me that you can spot the differences, and you really can. Especially at Pirates of the Caribbean. I’m a seasoned pro when …

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Jun 15

New Photo Capture Coming to Pirates of Caribbean at Magic Kingdom Park on June 19

From the Disney Parks Blog and written by: mkilwein Ahoy there, mateys! Are ye courageous enough to venture into the 17th century when scalawags and buccaneers ruled the seas of the Spanish Main? For those brave (or foolish) enough to proceed, navigate to Pirates of the Caribbean at Magic Kingdom Park to begin your high-seas …

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Jun 14

Disneyland Paris Update: Johnny Depp Visits His New Audio-Animatronics Counterpart in Re-Imagined Attraction

From the Disney Parks Blog and written by: Charles Stovall Guess who made Un Visite Surprise (A Surprise Visit) to Disneyland Paris this past week? None other than Captain Jack Sparrow himself – Johnny Depp – to get a first look at the new Audio Animatronics figures being installed in the Pirates of the Caribbean …

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Jun 04

Ahoy! Pirate-themed Photos from Disney PhotoPass Service

From the Disney Parks Blog and written by: Angela Pena If ye be seeking a treasure trove of swashbuckling photos, avast! With “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” in theaters, Disney PhotoPass Service wants to keep you afloat (and prevent a mutiny) by sharing a few buccaneer-inspired photos taken around Disney Parks …

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May 27

13 Ways to Celebrate Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney Parks

From the Disney Parks Blog and written by: Thomas Smith In case you missed it, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” is now out in theaters! The fifth installment of the popular franchise had its global premiere at Shanghai Disney Resort earlier this month and later premiered at Disneyland Paris before being …

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May 23

Pirates of the Caribbean Facts – Tuesdays With Corey

For those of you TMSM fans who actually read my articles, you know that I am a sucker for random facts about Disney. I’ve done several different articles on various attractions and recently completed one on the ever-popular Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. So here you go, 10 Random Facts about Pirates of the Caribbean. …

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