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Disney Trends and Fads; Are you on Board? My thoughts…..

Disney Trends and Fads; Are you on Board? My thoughts..... 1 Re-post in case you missed it: I’ve been a Disney fan my entire life.  Usually, that meant that Disney movies and vacations were at the top of my list, with added merchandise and such from my trips sprinkled in.  Well, Disney surely has stepped up their merchandise game as of late, and some of these items have become extremely popular and trendy.  So much so, that people would do just about anything to get Continue Reading

Disney Parks Sweet Treats: Rose Gold Edition

Disney Parks Sweet Treats: Rose Gold Edition 5 From the Disney Parks Blog and written by: Alex Dunlap Calling all rose gold fanatics: we’ve got some sparkling new surprises for you in this month’s special edition of Sweet Treats! With the extremely popular rose gold ears and spirit jerseys appearing all over our parks and resorts, our chefs here at the Walt Disney World Resort wanted to get in on the fun themselves with some beautifully delicious sweets. I Continue Reading

Rose Gold “Spirit Jerseys” hit Disney Parks!

Rose Gold "Spirit Jerseys" hit Disney Parks! 6 As you know, rose gold everything is all the rage this season, especially where Disney is concerned. Since the end of the summer, people have been continuously on the hunt for rose gold mouse ears, and they’re finally showing up in the stores again! Hooray!  Well, now shoppers have another item to covet, rose gold spirit jerseys!  Take a look at the newest craze below! Rose Gold Spirit Jerseys Are Coming S Continue Reading
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