Jar of Dirt

Jack Sparrow

Some of you may wonder, “what’s with this whole Jar of Dirt business?” Some of you know exactly what it’s all about! Here’s a brief explanation, and no we’re not crazy!

In the summer of 2010, we had a regular group of members who got together almost every night in TMSM’s Chat Room. Myself included. We used to talk Disney, joke around, and post funny videos. One night, someone posted a parody video of a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Mans Chest. It was the scene where Jack is taunting Davy Jones with his jar of dirt. For some reason, we all found it extremely funny and catchy, and it got to be a regular occurrence.

Being that not everyone was able to chat with us at night, I decided to make a day for posting the Jar of Dirt video, just to do something silly. It was cute, family friendly, etc….. not to mention, we are HUGE Captain Jack Sparrow fans at TMSM! Well, I came up with Jar of Dirt Fridays to have something fun to kick off our weekends, and people just ran with it. It’s a weekly tradition, and I actually have people complain or remind me if I forget to post “Dirt” stuff on Fridays!! So, now we dedicate Friday’s to Captain Jack Sparrow and his precious Jar of Dirt! We have so much fun with it, and are so happy that you do also! Be sure to check out the variations of “Dirt” below!! ~M

The Main Street Mouse