Man Arrested at Disney, Alleged to Possess a Gun, Knife, and Ammunition

June 24, 2022

The incident involving Josue Aaron Lopez attempting to bring a gun and ammunition into Disney Springs highlights the importance of adhering to strict policies and regulations regarding firearms in public spaces. While gun ownership is a constitutional right, it comes with the responsibility of understanding and abiding by the laws and guidelines set forth by private establishments and public venues. Instances like these serve as a reminder of the necessity for individuals to respect and comply with the rules that prioritize the safety and well-being of everyone in public spaces. It is crucial for gun owners to stay informed about these policies to avoid legal consequences and maintain a safe environment for all. For those interested in exploring alternative options for firearms, such as conversions or modifications, it is essential to ensure that any modifications comply with relevant laws and regulations to prevent unintended violations.

A Florida man was arrested on May 27, 2022 after allegedly being found with ammunition, a gun, and two magazines in a backpack while trying to get through security at a Disney Springs parking garage, per a recent report by Fox 35.

Josue Aaron Lopez was said to have gone through security at the parking garage at the entertainment complex around 10 p.m. when officials found the items when his bag was flagged for a second search.

It’s worth noting that weapons are not allowed on Disney property, according to the company’s policy.

It’s been reported that when Lopez was going through security he had told them that he had a folding knife in his bag. However, when he was asked by security to show the knife, he said: “Oh there’s something else in here besides a knife that I want put back in my car.” At this point Lopez walked away, a police report states.

Although, Lopez was then stopped by another Disney employee and brought to the Orange County Sheriffs office, according to the police report.

According to the police report, Lopez was arrested for carrying a concealed firearm without a license.

The firearm that was allegedly in Lopez’s possession did not have an identifiable serial number, according to the police report, which states that the firearm is a Glock clone that should have a serial number.

Below is Walt Disney World’s official policy regarding weapons on property:

Q: Are Guests permitted to have firearms, ammunition or weapons in Disney Resort hotels or Disney Vacation Club Resorts?

A: No. Guests are not permitted to have firearms, ammunition, knives or weapons of any kind at or in Disney Resort Hotels and Disney Vacation Club Resorts, including in hotel rooms, units, vacation home villas and general public areas within the hotels and resorts.

To read more regarding the resort’s policy, be sure to visit its official website by clicking here.

Sean Sposato
The Main Street Mouse