The writers of the Toy Story spinoff “Lightyear” (which hits cinemas on June 17th) had quite a job on their hands.

That’s because a new study has found Buzz Lightyear is the Disney character with the most stratospheric vocabulary – reaching 281 unique words per 500

TheToyZone analyzed the vocabulary of 183 characters from Disney’s animated movies to find out how many different words they use:

Take a look at the top 10 most loquacious characters:

Some other key findings from the study include:

Charles F. Muntz (Up) uses 270 unique words per 500, making him the Disney villain with the largest vocab.

The Disney princess with the highest vocabulary is Princess Jasmine (Aladdin), with a score of 229/500.

The Disney animated movie with the highest vocabulary is Zootopia, which features 3,181 unique words.

The Disney character with the smallest vocabulary is Nemo (Finding Nemo) with 166 unique words per 500.

Villains have an average of 223 unique words per 500 while heroes have 221.

Just a little tidbit of info to start off your week! Happy Monday Everyone!

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