Disney Revealed on TikTok How They Get Rid of Their Holiday Gingerbread Displays

If you’re a fan of the Walt Disney World Resorts, you’re probably very familiar with the incredible holiday gingerbread displays that some guests come year after year to see. However, have you ever thought about what the Disney resort does with these displays after the holidays? Well, now we know thanks to the Disney Parks official TikTok account.

In the TikTok, which has now amassed over 3-million views, on the company’s official account, the narrator explains: “After we break down every piece of cookie, candy and cute chocolate character, each gingerbread display is dismantled and brought to our tree farm. There, local Florida bees get to feast on sweets until every bit is gone.”

“This helps the declining bee population by keeping them well-fed during the winter months when food sources are harder to find,” Rheanna adds in the clip. “The wooden structures used to build the displays are then washed so we can reuse them during the next holiday season.”


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In addition to the TikTok, Disney also put out a blog post expanding on the company’s recycling of the displays, where they revealed the company has been doing it for over the past decade.

“Ten years ago, when performing our annual gingerbread display cleaning, we noticed bees were very attracted to the sugar on the displays after deconstruction,” Barry Stockwell said. “We decided to bring the display pieces to our Disney tree farm and lay them out in our field to give the bees a chance to collect the sugar on the wooden structures.”

According to the blog post, once the bees are done with the wooden structures, Disney employees powerwash them and store them until the next year.

“With the bee populations declining around the world, Disney has made it a mission to provide pollinators with even more habitat and resources through pollinator-friendly gardens located across property,” the blog post said.

What are your thoughts on Disney’s unique technique of recycling these beautiful gingerbread displays? Let us know in the comments! 

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