Earlier this month, we eagerly shared the news that Disney Cruise Line would be sailing again from Port Canaveral, FL in a test cruise. However, it seems the cruise company has temporarily postponed this departure due to the same illness that brought DCL to a halt in the first place.

The test cruise was scheduled for Tuesday and would have been the first cruise from the company to depart in over a year. But, due to COVID-19, Disney Cruise Line decided to call off the new departure last-minute. In a statement, Disney Cruise Lines said:

“We are delaying our simulation cruise due to a small number of inconsistent COVID-19 test results, which are considered positive by the CDC. The rigorous health and safety protocols we have in place helped us identify the situation, though the test results were ultimately negative.”

It seems this decision was only made as an extra precaution. Although, we must admit it is disappointing to hear the cruise line isn’t setting sail on the great seas once again.

The company announced the simulation cruise earlier this month. “We have reached an important next step toward our gradual and responsible resumption of service, and are grateful for the productive dialogue with state, local and federal officials, the CDC and others in our industry that has made this possible. We look forward to our amazing crew once again creating magic for our guests and to helping the many workers who support our industry get back to work,” Cynthia Martinez, the Director of Communications & Public Affairs, said.

“Our continuous efforts in close consultation with our cruise partners at Disney has led to this important milestone,” Port CEO Capt. John Murray said. “We’re very excited and ready to welcome back the iconic Disney ships to their home at Port Canaveral.”

At this time, it is not known when the cruise company will allow the ship to move forward with this test cruise.

What are your thoughts on Disney Cruise Line temporarily postponing their test cruise due to this issue? Let us know in the comments!

Sean Sposato

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