Symbols of EPCOT: What Do They Mean?

Last week we had a particularly windy day at EPCOT. While I waited for my friends to arrive, I saw the flags in front of Spaceship Earth flying in every direction. As I watched them, I noticed each one had a different symbol. I had seen these symbols before on pins but really had no idea what they meant. It turns out they are the logos that represent different pavilions, or themes, throughout the park.

Over the years, Disney has added and removed logos to include new attractions. Test Track and Universe of Energy, respectively, just to name two. The flags, however, have the original six designs. These are World Showcase, The Land, The Living Seas, Journey into Imagination, Spaceship Earth, and World of Motion. Together they explore what EPCOT is: Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. All of these themes must work together to create a balanced society. To a passerby these may not mean much but to a fan this is actually a neat concept.

What’s interesting is how Disney was able to create these logos with similar patterns to make them fit seamlessly while not compromising the integrity of their respective areas. These designs also connect the past to the future by remaining the same over time. Through all the changes Disney has made to the pavilions, they continue to uphold their core values.

While you walk around the park, you may start to recognize some of these logos. Along the path to Future World West towards The Seas with Nemo & Friends you’ll pass by several of them on the temporary wall. Oppositely in Future World East one is visible on The Odyssey building. And throughout the countries you may even find some on pin boards for trading. The next time you visit EPCOT I encourage you to keep your eyes peeled for these logos and see how many you can name.

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