Looking to add a little touch of Disney magic to your spring and Easter festivities? Here’s an easy and tasty way!

– parchment paper
– 12 oz. pink candy melts/wafers
– 9 white candy melts/wafers
– 18 white chocolate chips
– mini Robin Eggs
– pastel sprinkles
– metallic sprinkles
– Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
– Organize all of the candy and toppings into small bowls for quick and easy access.
– Melt the pink candy melts and spread onto the baking sheet.
– Press the white candy melts into the pink candy (Mickey’s head) and add two white chocolate chips for the ears. Be sure to work quickly before the pink candy sets and hardens.
– Add the mini Robin Egg candies and sprinkles around the pink candy.
– Allow the bark to set and harden completely before breaking it up and serving.
Recipe found on Disney Family.
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