Everyone Deserves to Feel Like a Princess

Everyone Deserves to Feel Like a Princess

By Guest Blogger – Jackie Kutney

Most girls grow up dreaming of being a princess. Gorgeous gowns, cute animals to help you clean, an awesome singing voice, the perfect prince… so many reasons to wish it were true. For me, it wasn’t about the frills and sparkles that come with being a princess; it was wanting to feel special.
I’ve always felt a connection with Belle: brunette, smart, sees people for who they are on the inside, can’t stand jerks, and somewhat of an outcast. If there ever was a song to describe my life, “Belle” is pretty darn accurate.

“Look there she goes, the girl is strange, but special. A most peculiar mademoiselle! It’s a pity and a sin, she doesn’t quite fit in. ‘Cause she’s a really funny girl; a beauty but a funny girl… That Belle!”

I was the awkward girl in school who didn’t have many friends and got picked on relentlessly. I didn’t fit in with any of the cliques and found hope in this imaginary princess who also didn’t fit in but found her fairy tale ending. Even though that awkward teenage stage was 20 years ago, it’s taken me all 33 years of my life to finally believe that “beauty is found within.” Of course, you always hear similar sentiments growing up; and the funny thing is that I believed that for everyone else except myself. Don’t let it take you 33 years to know and believe how magical you are. Find your inner Belle (or Cinderella, or Rapunzel, or whichever princess speaks to you) and let yourself shine!

The world can be a beast sometimes, so make it brighter and show your beauty!

Thank You Jackie! So, can you identify with a Disney Princess too? Tell us about it in the comments! -M


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