Happy Sunday Ohana!  It is  time for my top five list of the week.  I have been thinking long and hard about what to write about.  After talking to a fellow Main Streeter, my friend Sheryl, I got to thinking about kids on their first visit.  I remember when my little girl was born and I could not wait to do some of the things on this list, and there are so many ideas to choose from. This week it’s our top ten list… here we go!

  1. First Visit Pin

This little item has made my list before and it’s back.  Why? Because it’s a must!  I know what you are thinking… what if they are an infant or a little toddler, what will they do with a pin?  Well, it’s not really for them at that age it’s for you!  When my little girl Emma was just a baby I got her a pin for the first time she went to every Disney park.  I wrote the date and the park name on the pin and I still have them.  It was important for me to catalog those memories.  When she gets older I can show her the baby book and she will see pictures of her first visit to the Magic Kingdom with her pin.  The best part about this? It’s FREE! You can get these pins in the gift shops or guest services.  Just a friendly tip from me to you, put a piece of clear tape over the writing so it doesn’t smudge off.

  1. Have a Snack!

It’s TMSM, do you really think we were not going to bring up food?  Well, I love a good snack, and there are so many to choose from at Disney!  Popcorn, Premium bars, Dole Whip, those glazed nuts, and, of course, a pretzel!  Depending on the age of your child some of these snacks may not be possible.  I took my daughter when she was only 1 month old so she didn’t get to have anything for a while, but her first snack was ice cream.  The snacks are delicious, you can’t go wrong with any of them.  The smells when you walk into the park are unbelievable.  I can smell that popcorn a mile away, and you already know I love those mixed nuts.  So pick up a snack and snap a picture!

  1. Ride the Monorail

Who doesn’t love the monorail? I remember the first time I rode the monorail I memorized the Spanish and when I went back to school, I told my Spanish teacher and he was very impressed.  I went on my first trip when I was a freshman in high school so I was older, but lots of kids like to try to say the phrase, adults too.  I love using the monorail to get to the Magic Kingdom and to go to Epcot if I park at the Magic Kingdom if I am planning on park hopping.  A child seeing the castle for the first time from the monorail is priceless.  Now my daughter has been to Disney a lot, but she is just starting to notice the castle from the monorail.  So it’s cute to see her reaction and hear her say, castle mommy!

  1. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique/haircut

This is one we have not done yet.  I am looking forward to it though! Now if you get your first haircut at the Magic Kingdom barbershop, you get a certificate and an ear hat that says my first hair cut!  How cute is that? We have not cut my daughter’s hair yet so I have not experienced it myself, but they will do little ones under three.  Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is for children ages 3-12.  They have different packages that you can choose from and they do have both packages for boys and girls.  How cute are the kids walking around all dressed up coming from the boutique?  I love seeing them all with their cute hair, outfits, and makeup.  This can be expensive, but it’s a memory and there are ways to keep the cost down.  I know people bring their own outfits that they buy themselves and such.  It just depends on your family and what fits in with your budget.  We are waiting until my daughter is at least five to do the boutique.  But hey you’re on vacation, I say go for it!

  1. Eat at a Character Restaurant

Yup food again!  It’s Disney, there are some great restaurants on the property! Character restaurants can be expensive, but they are fun and I think it’s worth it to see my little one smile and have fun.  Breakfast is always cheaper so if you can, I would do that for a meal.  In my opinion, it’s also the best time for little ones.  Lunch is ok, dinner can be crazy, at least for me.  If I am spending the money on a sit-down restaurant I want to make sure that my little one will eat and will be good.  Now under 3 are free at the buffet restaurants, and you don’t pay if you don’t order for them at the other restaurants.  But hey kids love the character restaurants!

  1. Parade/Fireworks

Who doesn’t love the shows at Disney?  There are great night shows in all the parks, and of course the parades at the Magic Kingdom.  Depending on the age, seeing the wonder in their eyes as the characters ride by on the floats or seeing the colors in the fireworks is magic.  If you are afraid of noise with the fireworks you can get headphones that help diminish the noise.  I love watching my daughter watch the parade and fireworks.  She is at an age now where she really enjoys it and gets excited.  So make sure you build some time in your schedule to see at least one of these on the first trip!

  1. First Ride in the Park


Do you remember your first Disney ride? Mine was spaceship Earth, the version before the current upgrade.  Want to know the cool thing? It was my daughter’s first ride too.  Now she won’t remember, but I will and that is why this is my number 4.  How exciting is it to take your little one on their first ride? If they are older they can pick the ride and you can take a fun photo at the entrance to remember it!  If they are younger like mine was, you can still take a photo but they won’t really have any input on what they want to go on.  There are a ton of rides that don’t have a height requirement so, for younger kids, those are your options.  In my opinion, some of the best rides are on this list, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Spaceship Earth , and the Gran Fiesta Tour just to name a few.  When you go on your next trip you can try a new ride or even see if your child grew enough to go on something different!

  1. First Family Photo

Time for that castle shot! Get your matching shirts ready and pose on Main Street USA for a magical photo. Better yet, do one in all 4 parks!  As the years go on you can retake the photo(s) in the same spot and see how the kids have aged and changed since their first visit.  I was just looking back today at our family pictures from the parks, it’s crazy how fast time goes by.  So take time and stop for a picture.  A memory maker is a great addition to your trip.  You can get your pictures on the app and download them and share them as you wish.

  1. First pair of ears

This is a must! I got my daughters before she was even born.  She has an ear hat with her name on the back!  Now she just takes my ears, but those are her first-ever ears.  They have hats for little ones, or adults even, but they also have the headbands too.  If your child is not into the ears some of the hats can be embroidered too.  It just depends on your preference.  It will be a memory that you will want to have, I am so glad I have mine.  You can even get matching ones as a family! Whatever you do make sure you get your ears and wear them for my number one!!

  1. Meeting Minnie and Mickey!

You cannot go to Disney and not meet Mickey and Minnie.  Now they don’t usually meet together, but in some areas they do.  Animal Kingdom has a meet with both together.  Either way, put your ears on and go give the mouse that started it all a hug!  This is simply a must!  I don’t care how old you are, it’s magic meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

Well, that’s in my top 10 for this week!! Have a great week everyone!!


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