Hello Main Street Mouse family!

I hope your week was great.  This week we saw some very big changes to EPCOT which is my favorite park. We saw some things close and some things that are getting ready to close in the near future.  So what can you do at EPCOT?  Plenty! Here are my top five things to do at EPCOT

  1. Spaceship Earth.

This ride has is in the iconic geosphere or “ball” as some people call it.  Spaceship Earth takes you on a ride through history and shows you how language and communication developed.  It’s a slow ride in the dark with audio-animatronics that are representing some historical figures that were pioneers in the communication of their time.  I love this ride.  It is getting a makeover and that’s ok, I just hope they keep my favorite part and that is the Phoenicians (we always yell thank you to them on this ride) because of it’s kind of iconic. We also like choosing our own future at the end of the ride. It’s fun to try to pick different things and we always laugh at how silly our heads look on those cartoon bodies. If you want to see this ride I would go soon I have a feeling that once some of the other changes are finished they will close this ride for its update.

  1. Living with the Land

I love this attraction because it’s fascinating to me.  I’m a science teacher so I like to see potential things I can do with my students that have a Disney influence and I have used a lot of the information I got from this ride.  If you are a fan of this educational attraction like me, there is actually a tour you can take. Anyway, you sit in this little boat and travel through the greenhouses in the land pavilion. They have fruits and vegetables and flowers and the produce is used on the property.  Some of the produce is used in the restaurants for us to eat and some is grown for the animals that are housed at Disney.  How neat is that? Talk about fresh!  There are also a few hidden mickeys in this ride to look for too. So take a ride and see what you can spot.

  1. Frozen Ever After

Ok now I’m going to be honest here, I miss Maelstrom… but I do love this ride too.  It’s super cute if you love the movie Frozen and even if you don’t, the animatronics are impressive.  I personally love Frozen so I do think this ride is great and I would rather this ride than some others in the park truthfully.  It’s in a boat, and you travel to see Elsa in her castle.  There are two little drops nothing major, and all of your favorite characters are represented.  I think my favorite part of this ride are the animatronics they use a combination of robotics and projections to give the characters a very realistic look.  It literally looks like they came out of the movie and are standing in front of you! Bravo Disney!  That being said, I do get sad because it’s not Maelstrom, but at least the boat is the same as the former ride so that is a win. A great nod to Maelstrom!

  1. Test Track

This ride is so much fun. I don’t get a chance to ride it often because my daughter is not tall enough, but when I do I will jump on the chance.  The best part of this ride, in my opinion, is designing your car.  When you are in the queue they put you in a room and you can design a car as a family or as a single person.  Now if you want to ride as a single rider, you will need to design your car before you get in line.  I didn’t know about this but if you ask a cast member, in the car display area is where you can do this and use this car on the ride! So either way, you get in line and see how your car matches up with others in your car.  I’m competitive so I like to see if I can design the best car, I usually don’t but it’s fun to try! Test Track is a great thrill ride for those who like a little adrenaline in their Disney day.

  1. Soarin’ around the World

This is one of my top five rides at all of Walt Disney World.  I loved it when Soarin’ was over California but now you are going to so many different countries and seeing some iconic things.  The ride takes you up on a hang glider and you can feel the wind and smell the smells as you soar around the world.  The ride technology was developed from an erector set, how neat is that? You will see the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, the pyramids of Egypt, Great Wall of China, just to name a few.  You can smell some things too as you travel over these places.  At the end it’s Disney World and the fireworks at EPCOT.  It’s a beautiful ride and its one of my absolute favorites. Soarin’ is always on my must do list!

There you have it, my EPCOT top five activities.  Even though we have some things leaving/moving at EPCOT, go enjoy what it is and get excited about what is to come!


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