It’s Wednesday and time for our weekly check in. This week we are going to talk all about Halloween, not just at Walt Disney World but also at Universal Studios Orlando. Oh yes, I actually went to Halloween Horror Nights for the first time! Certainly much different than how they roll at Disney! Let’s chat!

On Friday afternoon, we really didn’t have any plans as to what we wanted to do for the weekend. We get so busy sometimes that on occasion we just try to do things last minute and not really make a definite plan just in case we change our minds. We had the idea to go over to Magic Kingdom and do Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. No it wasn’t planned in advanced but sometimes those type of outings are the most fun. We put on Halloween shirts and headed out. It wasn’t a work night, it was a family night just for us and I didn’t post one single picture anywhere. I just wanted to enjoy the time with the kids and unplug from work a little bit. Now granted the next day I did post some pictures, but we really enjoyed our evening out. Andrew wanted candy, Aidan’s request was to watch the Hocus Pocus show. Me? I wanted a close-up view of the castle projections and Jack Skellington puppet in the new Halloween fireworks show. We all got exactly what we wanted and the evening was great.

On Saturday we had every intention on just relaxing at home because the Halloween parties always seem to knock the wind out of our sails the following day. It never fails, it’s like you need a day to recover from MNSSHP. That afternoon, my friend Lindsey said that they were going to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando and suggested that we go too. My initial response was no. I don’t do scary outings and HHN was one event that I refused to go to. Personally I don’t like people jumping out at me, I hate being startled, and the fear always won out. Well…. she convinced me that it would be fun and I needed to give HHN a try, so we went. On the car ride over I was nerved up, because I’m literally that big of a chicken when it comes to this stuff. When we got there we found Lindsey and her husband Kevin, and before I knew it we were in line for the first haunted house, Ghostbusters. I was so scared but I figured Ghostbusters is a classic and a good one to start with. Was I scared? Yep. Did I scream? Oh yes. But I was proud that I made it through without crying. I fully thought I’d embarrass myself. After that we did the Stranger Things house, which was a little bit scarier. The third and final house was Universal Monsters and I really didn’t do well on that one. That was my limit. The fact that I did three houses and walked through their scare zones is huge for me. I actually did have fun and was glad that we were invited to go. I think if I can handle HHN, most anyone could, but just know going in that it is nothing like Disney. It is so much more intense and much scarier, a completely different vibe. I prefer Halloween at Walt Disney World but honestly, I would go to Halloween Horror Nights again. That’s huge.

This week has been all about work. On Monday my friend John aka Panda was my cohost on TMSM Weekly Live. Now that I had been to HHN we had new things to talk about. Last night was the merchandise event at Epcot for the new Arendelle Aqua line. Cindy and I stayed around afterwards to check out the new aqua cupcake and record a new segment video for the site. Watch for that tomorrow! This morning was radio day at 96.5 WDBO. Joe and I talked about the construction at Epcot, it’s been all the buzz this week. I’ll post videos below too so you can catch up on things. Next week there will be no Florida Living update because we will be aboard the Disney Dream for our very first TMSM Fan Cruise. A meet up trip is something we always wanted to do, so we are excited to set sail with some of our followers. I’ll be sure to post pics as much as I can! We have another big announcement coming as well, so if you’re local save the date for October 13th! Details will be released shortly.

Thank you all so very much for the love, support, and for following along with us each week. Being that today is September 11th, I’m sending you all extra hugs and prayers. We will never forget what this day signifies. Extend a little extra kindness to one another, you never know who really needs it. Until next time… see ya real soon! -M

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