Happy Wednesday Everyone! It’s time for our weekly chat! Are you ready? Ok then, here we go!

Jaleo, the new restaurant at Disney Springs had their media night last Thursday evening. We were really busy that day because not only did I have to be at Disney Springs, but set up began that night for Spooky Empire, the convention we were working last weekend. Sometimes you have to divide and conquer, so Scott went to set up and my staffer Lindsey and I went to cover the event at Jaleo. For those not familiar with Jaleo, it’s a Spanish themed restaurant located on the west side of Disney Springs, across from the movie theater. The restaurant itself is beautiful! Two stories, great atmosphere. We really enjoyed ourselves covering this grand opening event! If you’re an adventurous eater, give Jaleo a try!

Friday we had to be across town in the morning to kick off day one of Spooky Empire. This convention is one of our favorites to cover, and this is the third time that we have had our own booth with them. It’s not just a horror convention, there’s pop culture, celebrities, vendors and more. We worked Spooky Empire the entire weekend, saw old friends and made new ones. Main Streeters came out to see us too. It was a fantastic time, as always!

We were exhausted after working the convention all weekend, but we had to get ready for our live show on Monday night. We had a special guest cohost, DJ Elliot, who is known for his skills at events across Walt Disney World and beyond. Elliot was a fascinating guest with great stories, and I was so glad that he came over to do the show. You can watch the replay on the link at the bottom of the page. It’s definitely worth checking out.

This morning I had my radio spot on 96.5 WDBO. We ran down the offerings at Jaleo plus talked about River Country finally coming down. Tomorrow we have a meeting and Friday we are going to see Dumbo. It’s a bit silly, but I’m nervous to see that movie because it literally makes me sob. Like, ugly crying. I’ll have to let you know how badly I embarrass myself when we talk next! Thank you all so much for following along with us every Wednesday, it’s appreciated.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more plus follow us on Facebook and Instagram too! Until next time, sending you love, blessings and pixie dust. See ya real soon! -M

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